For clients without internal IT support staff, Protected Harbor offers a comprehensive suite of services, which include service support and technology solutions.

Also included in our services is complete backup of every single file, Email, document, and presentation (throughout the entire organization), and of course, we can remotely restore any lost or deleted document that has been backed up by Protected Harbor.

Protected Harbor’s infrastructure allows us to remotely respond to issues in minutes instead of hours, including application support. We spend the time to completely understand and resolve the problem the first time.¬†Email, file, print, and almost all computer issues are resolved remotely, saving thousands of hours waiting for a technician to appear. Our average response time is 15 minutes, with a resolution rate of 92{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} within those 15 minutes. Productivity barriers, such as lost Emails, missing documents, and locked printers are all resolved remotely and rapidly.

Secure remote access is an included service–for no extra charge. There is no need to leave your computer on at night; simply access the one server.

All these features are part of our flat-rate service plan, which also includes unlimited support calls. Because it is a flat rate plan, we are focused on fixing the problem the first time, not just patching it (which could lead to additional service calls).