• 92{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} of growing businesses do not have a complete backup. Of those that do, only a portion of their data is backed up.

• 96{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} of growing businesses are exposed to hard-drive failure; if one drive fails, all data can be lost unless a complete, frequent back-up is made of their entire system.

• 94{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} of  growing  businesses have poor or non-existent system security. Employees (or nonemployees) can easily gain access to critical files.

• 98{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} of  growing businesses are  missing important operating system or network patches.

• 92{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} of growing businesses have no system Internet restrictions; employees can freely visit any site, including virus- infected sites.

• 93{875bb5f016c4d6f104553f4bf766c64f3a82410d154c17dc23f61aefc1825050} of growing businesses are vulnerable to hidden viruses; employees can freely download or transfer viruses.


Data derived from New York Times September 6th, 2006
and direct observations.
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