The services we provide each client are designed to maximize our client’s investment and minimize the client’s expenditures.

We offer two support models: (1) we perform all support services and (2) we work cooperatively with the current support staff.

For example, we help clients with an internal support staff focus on end-user support. Protected Harbor has a unique customer portal, a highly versatile tool for internal IT staff, providing an interface through which Protected Harbor technicians and internal IT staff can communicate on specific projects, monitoring project status, and sharing information about the handling of support tickets and tasks. The Customer Portal includes utilities to help you record time spent on a project or task as well as a calendar, and interface tools to allow the client and the IT staff to input comments, send reminders, create project milestones, and synch the milestones with the viewable calendar. This portal also allows client staff to store and view technical information. Go to our Contact Us page for more informatoin.

For clients that do not have a technical support staff, we provide all technical services; email, wireless technology, web, and even application support, under an unlimited flat monthly contract. See the Outsourcing IT menu option for more details.