Let’s Protect Your I.T. With a Free Audit.

Protected Harbor’s IT & Security Audit will help your healthcare organization uncover critical technology—and cybersecurity—risks and identify the fastest path toward efficiency so your company can grow and improve.

  • Map Data Traffic & Access Control
  • Cybersecurity Controls Assessments
  • Governance Risk and Compliance Review

IT Audits Performed


Network flow records inspected each day


Malicious connection attempts blocked daily


User workstations managed and supported

Why Get An Audit

We go beyond the traditional “red flag” due diligence reports; our process delivers actionable insights and reveals technology-driven growth opportunities that add value to your healthcare organization.


Better Cybersecurity

Look for hidden viruses, spyware, and loopholes in your network security that could allow hackers and viruses to compromise your network and confidential information.


Increase Productivity

Review your server logs and workflow to uncover developing problems and conflicts that will turn into slower apps, missed connections, and unexpected downtime.


Ensure Compliance

Evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls and risk management procedures.

Make Tech Easier

Healthcare organizations today needs to be able to scale and pivot faster than ever — an IT Audit is vital to achieving these capabilities. Our team will discover your tech’s strengths and weaknesses to deliver on key business priorities.

  • The current state of your IT’s org, drivers for outsourcing, and areas of interest
  • Answer your questions about upgrades, adding new equipment, remote access, or any other project you have in mind.
  • Diagnose any ongoing problems or concerns you are currently experiencing with your network
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Client Success

What our clients are saying about their experience with us.

"I can’t believe I had so many patch updates past due and old logins still active."

Scott Esbin - Esbin & Feinmesser

"I had a full report inside a week with no distractions to my team."

Ramona Rancort - HARC

"This is a company that will do whatever it takes so your bottom line can improve."

David Katznelson - Ashar
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How We Can Help

Stop with the nonsense IT support.
Schedule your free consultation to find out how 25-years of experience can help modernize your IT organization into an efficient, proactive, and process-driven operation.

Get your professional audit in less than a week; no on-premises support is needed.
Protected Harbor’s A.I. database has collected more than 2 billion logs to compare against, with over 250 standard procedures documented.
Suggested fixes and mitigation options are identified for all issues.
Review the results with an engineer to highlight the high-risk areas.

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