Professional IT Services for C Level Executives

Protected Harbor provides professional IT services for CEOs, CIOs and CFOS with the resources they need to make the best choices for their businesses.
Depending on your needs and goals, we handle your monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup, recovery and more.



    IT Services for C-Level Executives

    CEOs, CFOs and CIOs

    CEOs, CFOs and CIOs need to keep steering their companies upward toward success. So how do they also make time to maintain cutting-edge and affordable IT support?

    Juggling both has become a major challenge for business executives but with the help of Protected Harbor and our unique cost model and flat-rate unlimited monthly support, it is possible. This model was developed to allow our technicians more time to resolve core issues instead of the per-hour band-aid approach. Businesses can achieve continuity/backup and have peace of mind when it comes to disaster recovery. Executives do not have to fear ransomware attacks or network outages.

    We provide CEOs, CIOs and CFOS with the resources they need to make the best choices for their businesses.

    For CEOs and CIOs, we have become a trusted partner in some of their most critical technology decisions for their companies. CEOs need to make software and technical decisions for their business faster sometimes than they can fully research or understand. Protected Harbor consults with them regarding each of those decisions, providing expert advice and working directly with any additional vendors needed to make sure all bases are covered, and potential issues are figured out prior to implementing new software or systems.

    Additionally, CEOs need to stay up to date with the latest information on IT solutions. It’s a full-time job for CEOs or CIOs to tackle on their own. We provide resources that help CEOs understand the latest in IT and how it currently and foreseeably will affect their business.

    CFOs want to make sure their companies have access to the highest quality IT support and solutions, but while also keeping costs down. This is again where our unique cost model and flat-rate unlimited monthly support becomes a win-win. It allows for us to be proactive to prevent any foreseeable issues without having to worry about time constraints for research, updates, backups and so forth. CFOs also need the best expertise to make good financial decisions for their businesses, another way in which Protected Harbor is an invaluable partner.

    At Protected Harbor, we offer 24/7/365 support and provide IT solutions including 24/7 system monitoring, backup and disaster recovery plans, ransomware protection and recovery, 99.99% uptime, cloud computing services and much more. We have a team of expert techs that respond to customer tickets and new customer inquiries fast. To learn more, contact us now.


    All employees and contractors can access their applications, desktops, and data from anywhere, keeping them productive, no matter where they work.


    Rapidly scale up and down depending on your business needs, whether that’s M& A, staffing temporary workers, managing contractors (developers), or deploying branch offices.

    Cost control

    Pay for only what you use through monthly or yearly subscription models. Plus reduce capital expenses and enjoy more predictable operational expenses.


    Protected Harbor provides a Daas secure access point for users and simplifies desktop and app management processes and procedures.