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The future is today
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept of the future; it’s today’s reality. At Protected Harbor, we have been using AI to help us identify issues and solve problems for years.


We are engineers and nerds, constantly researching, investigating, and evolving new services, allowing us to be ahead of the curve.


We are entering into a time when customers will use many applications and those applications will need help communicating with each other. That’s one of the many reasons you would need Protected Harbor, to make sure the users data is safe, secure, and compliant.

Intelligent Network Security in our Data Centers
The first line of defense for any IT infrastructure lies in the data center. Protected Harbor utilizes AI to maintain comprehensive oversight of all network flows in, out, or within our data centers. Our advanced AI engine conducts real-time analysis of these traffic flows, examining them for any potential security threats.


By comparing the network activity against known attack patterns and checking against a comprehensive database of recognized bad actors, our AI engine can identify attacks before they materialize. Our goal is that your data remains secure, and potential threats are neutralized before they become problems.

Empowering User Devices with AI

Security extends beyond the data center because we protect all your devices and your data. Every Protected Harbor client receives a customized Peace Of Mind plan which is based on their needs, direction, input, industry standard security and, of course, data protection.

But our AI does more than just defend against known threats. By learning the unique device footprint and usage patterns of each user, it can detect abnormal behavior that may signal a potential security concern. When such behavior is detected, the AI system alerts our team, who can then take the necessary action to ensure your device remains secure.

In many cases, our AI technology can even take autonomous action based on the identified triggers, effectively responding to, rolling back, or remediating potential threats. The result is robust, proactive protection that doesn’t require you to lift a finger.

The Future of AI at Protected Harbor

While we are proud of the ways we’re already implementing AI, we’re continually researching and investing in the most promising AI technologies and techniques to continually improve our services and your security.

Read our latest information on integrating AI into your technology, safely and effectively.

As the digital landscape evolves, Protected Harbor is always innovating with the power of AI to protect and empower our clients. We’re not just embracing the future of technology; we’re creating it.

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