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IT Support for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

We’re not just an IT company. We are a trucking software and technology company too. With over 20+ years in trucking, we are the preferred IT vendor in the industry; with a fixed-price desktop and IT solution that includes ransomware protection, remote access, cloud infrastructure, data monitoring & backup, and 24×7 IT Support.

Make IT Easier to Put Technology to Work for Your Transportation Company.

Protected Harbor provides fully managed IT services that help transportation, trucking, and logistic companies overcome regulation, shipping, and supply chain management challenges.  Whether you’re looking to connect with new customers, streamline internal processes and enable a mobile workforce, or mitigate cybersecurity risks, we can provide customized IT service and support from someone who truly understands your business.

We have 20+ years of experience helping trucking and transportation companies integrate teams and programs, support better communication and collaboration, boost security, and improve technology, in a way that saves money and drives business success.

Infuse Insights & Optimization into the Freight & Logistics Value Chain

Speed is critical when it comes to the transportation industry. But what happens when your technology is slowing you down? Our experts can work with you to assess, identify and remedy IT issues resulting in slow systems and costly downtime. Once we know what’s slowing down your system, we’ll work with you to clear up any bottlenecks and ensure your systems are protected.

At Protected Harbor, we approach IT a bit differently. We focus on people and your company’s unique workflow rather than the technology itself. We understand the unique complexities that logistics and transportation companies face since we’ve experienced them firsthand.

Our team works closely with you to develop the right plan, pick the right tools and develop the ideal support model to suit your needs.

Protected Harbor Are Experts In Transportation & Logistics Technology and Software
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You Wouldn’t Put Regular Gas into a Diesel Engine. Then Why Put Advanced Analytics, Mobile & Cloud Tech on Legacy IT Systems?

Protect Your Company From Cybersecurity and Data Attacks

We know that carriers may not see cybersecurity as a high priority, but the reality is that the transportation industry is one of the most frequent targets for cyber attacks. Customer data, supply chain logistics, and product data can be extremely valuable. Your fleets, drivers, relationship, and businesses can be put at greater risk because of outdated data systems, unsecured vehicles, location-based tracking systems, and more.


Protected Harbor knows how to defend against attacks, hacks, and breeches against the T&L industry. We blend the dependability of your current transportation applications with the hassle-free experience of secure remote desktop technology.  We guarantee that your systems will always be available with 99.99% application uptime.

  • Cloud Security
  • Data Protection & Backup
  • Email Filtering
  • Anti-Virus & Spam Filters
  • Network Security
  • User Privileges
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Website Security & Monitoring
Data protection & cybersecurity
  • Data protection & cybersecurity are not top concerns for trucking companies, compared to driver & road safety, logistics, and job creation.
  • Trucking companies don’t invest in modern equipment & infrastructure. But with new IoT, telematics, and cloud software flooding the industry, proper configuration, management, & security are needed.
  • Data leaks don’t just cost data. They cost client relations, insurance payouts, legal fees, settlements, audit costs, and stalled business growth.
  • Avoid fines and ensure DOT, DHS, and TSA cybersecurity compliance with a NIST and Transportation Systems Sector Cybersecurity Framework.

Making Transportation Easier

Many transportation and logistics companies are outsourcing their IT management to aid with this. We can help you integrate teams and programs, improve communication and cooperation, increase visibility, improve security, and build your infrastructure in a cost-effective and goal-oriented manner.

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