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Richard Luna’s Take on the Massive Data Breach on News12

Massive Data Breach on Social Media Platforms may have put your info at risk. Richard Luna highlights a major data breach on social media platforms, exposing users’ personal information to potential risks. Luna delves into the severity of the breach, emphasizing its significance as a potential mother of all data breaches. Stay informed to safeguard your online presence.

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If You Micromanage Then You’re Not Managing

Richard Luna came to a hard realization when he said to himself, “If you micromanage, then you’re not managing.” As his business and team were growing, he learned — the hard way, of course! — that he was controlling too much: filtering 1,000+ emails a day; creating specific dispatch schedules; putting out fires; selling services; being the CEO, COO, CSO, and CTO; working 18-hour days, the whole shebang.

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if you micromanage, Then You're Not Managing

Protected Harbor Releases Cybersecurity Trend Report and Strategies for Cyberattack Prevention for Businesses

Protected Harbor, a IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), has released its cybersecurity trend report and strategies for cyberattack prevention for businesses ORANGEBURG, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023

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Protected Harbor Releases Cybersecurity Trend Report and Strategies

Has AI Stolen Your Privacy?

Richard Luna is a self-proclaimed Super Geek. He is the founder of Protected Harbor, a company that provides managed IT services, cyber security, and development operations to businesses. Richard knows that technology can be intimidating, and he is here today to make it a bit more approachable for business owners.

This week on The Profit Express I sit down with Richard. We talk about the ins and outs of artificial intelligence, and just how it works. Read More

Richard in Podcast

Why IT Experience Matter

The competition in the modern market for small and medium-sized firms is fierce. These firms face significant difficulty in keeping up with the rapid rate of change and remaining competitive. When he outlines the significance of Why IT Experience Matters, Richard Luna, CEO of Protected Harbor, touches on this subject. His weekly video series Uptime With Richard Luna, which is uploaded online every Thursday, also covers subjects like these and many others.

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Why IT experience Matters

Developers and the AI Job Wars: Here’s How Developers Win

AI writes code for itself, programmers, and non-programmers — sometimes with as little input as scribbles on a cocktail napkin. Will AI eliminate software dev jobs? Not if you know this.

Nerves are already rattled over recent artificial intelligence advances in writing code. Tensions continue to rise alongside unending releases of new programming features. For example, ChatGPT recently went multimodal.

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Developers VS AI

Giving Users More than They Can Handle

In February 2023, Microsoft customers began complaining in a Microsoft Answers forum thread that new artificial intelligence (AI) files showing up in Microsoft Windows were slowing or crashing their computers ,and making some tasks difficult to impossible.

User “Denise Heap” posted: “Windows just crashed on me as I attempted to convert a one-page (!) [sic] doc to PDF. When I pulled up Task Manager, it was at 100% CPU, 90% of which were five (!) [sic] instances of AI.EXE.” Read More

Microsoft AI
Protected Harbor Recognized as a Top Managed Service Provider by Design Rush

The leading healthcare IT services provider, Protected Harbor, has been recognized as one of the Best Managed Service Companies by DesignRush, a B2B (Business to Business) marketplace for agencies. This award is based on average feedback scores, team size, client reviews, expertise, portfolios and more.

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Recognized as a top Managed Service Provider by DesignRush

Data Centre Titans: The Frontier of Data Protection with Richard Luna, CEO of Protected Harbor

In the inaugural edition of Data Centre Titans, we spoke with Richard Luna about the evolution of software and corresponding hardware needs, as well as the importance of data protection legislation and accountability in the data centre industry. Richard draws on his experience working with healthcare clients and helping to design communications technology for the first digital signs used in New York City’s subway system.

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Data center titans interview series

Richard Luna of Protected Harbor On Five Things Every
Business Needs To Know About Storing and Protecting
Their Customers’ Information

Data is money, data is life. You would not walk into an office and see a hundred-dollar bill just sitting on a desk. Most people would never do this and leave the room.

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Richard Luna of Protected Harbor Authority