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Amazing Customer Service… Outstanding Technology Support.

We pride ourselves on our customer’s happiness. That’s why we ensure our 24/7/365 customer service is second to none. Whenever you need us, we’re always here.

Got a problem at 2:00 am? A live person, who knows your system, will be there to answer your call and resolve the issue well before sun-up.

Our approach to customer service goes beyond just solving problems and closing tickets. We aim to connect on a human level, getting to know you and your business so that we can function like an extension of your team.

Unmatched Expertise
We are an MSP, a hosting company, and a DevOps company, which means we help organizations solve deep structural issues, internally develop applications, and have the in-house talent to understand and resolve any issue
No Outsourcing
All our staff, in any location, are 100% employees, not contractors, not part-time, not freelance, and of course 100% not outsourced. That means that the employees will KNOW your system and be able to rapidly respond and resolve issues. It also means our staff will understand your internal culture often you will be speaking with the same engineer.
We own our tools & equipment and use the same tools for ourselves.
The tools and systems we depend on we own and the equipment that tools run on we own, built, and manage and use for ourselves. This essentially frees us from all third-party failures, problems and hiccups which allows us to customize our service to meet your specific requirements. One example: Clients often would like to be alerted if there are specific problems – when a web site is down, or a remote office is having an issue. Because we own the system, we can tailor the monitoring system to respond exactly as you would like.
Amazing response time.
Because we own the infrastructure and tools and because we have done a rebuild, we are able to quickly respond and address support issues, allowing us to solve 85% of the support requests in 15 minutes or less
Flat rate billing.
No surprises. We do not charge for our tools (many support companies do), and we always charge a flat rate unlimited pricing for our support services and hosting services. If you have a project, we provide a fixed price. The responsibility to quote correctly or solve problems quickly is on us, not you.
All Inclusive.
Our goal is to offer as-is a complete and inclusive package, which eliminates the cost and confusion of multiple and overlapping technology packages. We do not charge extra for backups and monitoring, email hosting, web hosting, content filtering, and much


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