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Data Protection and Privacy
In a regulatory landscape and threat environment that is continuously changing, Protected Harbor’s Data Protection and Privacy Services assist enterprises in keeping updated with the best data security and privacy services and complying with regulations.

You must safeguard the confidentiality of data throughout its lifecycle if your company is gathering, using, or sharing personal data. Even though a brand issue from a data breach may arise, it’s not just excellent business practice that can help you. You must abide by the expanding number of international data privacy and data protections laws/rules, such as GDPR, and use the right policies and governance to lower your company’s overall security risks.

Protection and Privacy
Protect Your Organization From the Inside-Out
With the help of contextual behavioral analytics, specialized knowledge, and artificial intelligence, you can identify risky behavior and make better decisions.
DLP provides our partners with a next-generation data security platform that allows them to protect their customers’ data better.
Offering over a decade of experience recovering data from various devices, including RAID, hard disk drives, flash drives, and other storage devices.
A low-cost, best-in-class, secure, one-click backup solution that scales to meet your backup storage requirements.
A system of administrative procedures, legal guidelines, and technological advancements that makes it easier to handle digital or electronic identities.
We’ll ensure your network is reliable, up to date, secure, and running at the speed of your business.
Monitors on-premises networks, cloud environments, SaaS applications, and endpoint events for cyber threats.
Safeguarding Data Strategically
New tactics and techniques can help firms to protect their data as threats change. Making data protection a reality requires a holistic cybersecurity program with a flexible approach to preventing, containing, and remediating assaults.

With specializations in data protection, US privacy laws, and general security management, our Data Protection Managed Services offer a comprehensive approach to data protection. Our sizeable international staff adapts to changing data protection requirements, uses industry-leading privacy solutions, and draws on past interactions with national regulators worldwide. Our data protection team provides a convenient, affordable one-stop solution for worldwide data protection through our managed service options.

Safeguarding Data
Data Protection
Why is Data Protection Mission-Critical?

Data protection is now a crucial responsibility as firms depend more and more on technology and data. Avoiding downtime, limiting legal exposure, combating cybercrime, assuring productivity, and enhancing performance depend on safe, accessible, and undamaged data.

Maintaining data’s integrity and protecting it from loss, theft, and compromise is the standard definition of data protection. But since data is now what makes a company competitive, data protection must currently also support more efficient data management. Today, compliance can be made simpler, workflows can be streamlined, analytics can be made better, DevOps can be powered by data security technology, and data can be saved for long-term monetization.

Data Protection Services for New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut Businesses

Data Protection Services for New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut Businesses
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Protected Harbor’s data protection solutions assist businesses in overcoming data management difficulties and maximizing their data assets’ potential. Our data security streamlines the data environment, secures data assets, and automates data services by protecting data from the edge to the core to the cloud.

We offer robust, user-friendly, and reasonably priced backup, recovery, archiving, and replication solutions that can assist businesses in improving uptime and reducing the risk of data loss.

Our Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) is a set of web-based or cloud-based services that give businesses tools to help safeguard their data assets. Offerings for data protection as a service may include backup, disaster recovery, and storage services. DPaaS offers modern tools at a reasonable price without requiring large upfront hardware or software investment.

Achieve Superior Data Protection