Is Your Tech Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Suppose you’re experiencing downtime, system crashes, application failures, internet issues, or your in-house IT team has become overwhelmed with projects. In that case, it’s time to partner with one of the top Managed IT Service Provider in New York.


Our IT specialists will help transform your business with digital and technology strategies that align with your business goals. Eliminate costly downtime, maximize your operational maturity, and take the stress out of day-to-day IT operations. Gain access to a complete team of IT experts that will help you manage the newest technology, and a wealth of information, that will help you grow faster, increase profitability, and work more effectively.


Modern IT Solutions for Modern Businesses

We help business IT’s increase efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce overhead.
Take advantage of cloud computing to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any employee, on any device, from anywhere. Not just your typical remote desktop.
Get the backend IT infrastructure for running applications and workloads in the cloud. Ensure essential computer, storage, and network resource are available on demand.
Protected Data Center ensures that all critical and non-critical systems are running at optimal levels and that all business processes continue to run without fail.
We use a multi-layer load balancing and guest clustering approach to achieve a wide variety of highly available configurations.
IT and technology roadmap designed to deliver the best strategy for your company using proven processes.
Get the best on-demand cloud software and support from expert software engineers for a fraction of the price.
We are there for you, customize which IT projects and tasks to keep in-house and which to pass onto Protected Harbor.
Get a full team to monitor, measure, manage and control data center usage, IT-related equipment, and infrastructure components.
24/7/365 IT HELP DESK
Technology doesn't take a break, and neither do we. Get around-the-clock tech support from a live person, no matter the day or time.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Organizations That Want to Grow

We are not your typical MSP. We provide unmatched IT managed services for small businesses. Our strength is that we offer diverse capabilities to suit every company’s needs. Our ability to tailor our services to unique situations is a part of the reason why we’ve earned a 95% retention rate. Clients can select the programs and packages that fit their needs to develop a customized solution.
Like everyone else, we offer Cybersecurity, Enterprise Networking, Infrastructure Design, Network Configuration, Monitoring, Customized Protected Cloud, Change Management, plus Protection & Recovery.
Unlike everyone else, we listen, learn, think, and do not blindly deploy. We put together customized technology plans that focus on stability at the lowest possible cost. If you don’t need it, you shouldn’t pay for it. That’s why Protected Harbor is a trusted Managed IT Services Provider that becomes a part of your team. If you are ready to join the winning team and get a good night’s rest, we are here to work with you.
Solution for Organizations
Build Stronger Solutions

Think Smarter, Build Stronger Solutions, & Run More Efficiently

You may question why do i need a managed service provider. Because you’ll have greater control of your network and lower operating costs with the help of Protected Harbor’s managed service. We handle the grunt work, so you can focus on the crucial stuff. By partnering with Protected Harbor IT management services, our clients are enjoying the benefits of having their own IT department at a lower cost than bringing in more in-house IT help.

For a busy CIO, a complete suite of managed IT services will help you to better manage expectations as well as to satisfy those expectations. Let us help you build a holistic, flexible IT strategy.

  • Better risk management
  • Integration among different processes
  • Better company-wide productivity
  • Alignment between business goals and IT projects
  • No surprise costs with pre-defined flat monthly fees
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Expert-level tech support and resources

Managed IT Service Provider for New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut Businesses

Managed IT Solutions That Set Your Business Up For Success.
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Why Outsource Managed IT Services to Redefine Your Technology

Smart executives understand that IT strategy is key and must be managed by an expert able to guide the business over short and long-term periods of time.

Get help implementing or managing technology from a team based right here in New York. Whether your team is working in the office or remotely, Protected Harbor can help you streamline your operations. Let our experienced team discuss your organization’s requirements, review your current IT setup, and provide tailored guidance on the right course for you.

As technology plays a more significant part in our jobs, businesses are implementing more and more devices, software, and hardware to compete. The sheer number of diverse technologies used can prove burdensome for your IT department. Managed IT support services matter because it enables organizations to hire a team of engineers for half the cost of one in-house hire. 

Our business model is built around keeping your tech support costs flat and predictable – which means that we work hard 24/7 to ensure your IT infrastructure and tech stack is always up and secure. Our full-service New York IT support and remotely network managed services team can help your company with all aspects of its digital strategy.

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