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Protected Harbor’s malware protection services use a proven effective paradigm to detect suspicious actors and prevent them from causing damage – even if the endpoint is off the network.

Are you slipping through the cracks of inflexible automated systems, bots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? That’s something we’re here to change. We’re bringing the human experience back to the forefront in an industry dominated by the technical by delivering innovative cybersecurity and protection with personalized service and expert support.

Malware Protection
Deploy Full-Spectrum Malware Protection
Malware Protection is an additional layer of security that detects malware on your computers (also known as endpoints). Anti-virus is no longer the entire solution; instead, we use a more proactive approach with multiple layers. 

Our 360-degree solution solves all of your business’s criteria and needs. This lightweight malware prevention solution works with your existing endpoint security solution. Our powerful scanning engine discovers and removes zero-hour malware that other security solutions miss, bolstering your protection and removing detection flaws.

Unrivaled Anti-Malware Solution
Use malware protection services from Protected Harbor because of their compact footprint and predictive learning power.

With this you can:

  • Say goodbye to signature updates, for good!
  • Rely on machine-learning capabilities with an unrivaled success record in terms of protection.
  • Easily establish bullet-proof security throughout your entire enterprise.
  • Protect your computers against both known and unknown viruses.
  • Stop zero-day attacks in their tracks before they start.
  • Increase endpoint performance with a lightweight client that doesn’t eat up memory or CPU.
  • To assist in the elimination of external dangers and restrict device access.
  • Using a versatile API, seamlessly integrate malware prevention into your existing workflows.
  • In any situation, you can count on top-notch support and outstanding protection.
Unrivaled Anti Malware Solution
Malware Downloads Quarantined in 2021
Network Flow Records Inspected Daily

Proactively Avoid Malware Infection

Protection and Remediation for Organizations of All Sizes.
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Protected Harbor Means Cybersecurity 

In the past, antivirus software’s signature technique worked well in identifying and eliminating bad actors.

However, with malware and ransomware evolving daily, if not hourly, that strategy is no longer adequate. To preserve system security while maximizing productivity, you’ll need a program that can check each file and determine if it’s safe to run – and do it rapidly enough that the end-user doesn’t notice any performance lag.

Arm Your Organization With Enterprise-Grade Security

Protected Harbor Malware Protection uses the latest machine learning and behavioral analysis capabilities to swiftly and thoroughly assess each executable file or script and make the correct run/don’t-run determination, even when facing zero-day assaults and regardless of cloud access.

Malware Protection additionally provides application and script control, device enforcement, root cause analysis, automated threat detection and response, with more powerful core functionality. You may finally replace your present solution with confidence, knowing that no threat will be left unaddressed.

Combining essential security tasks. Designed for businesses looking for single-agent, enterprise-grade prevention, detection, response, and hunting across endpoints, the cloud, and IoT.

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