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Applications and databases are crucial for businesses and their customers. When these systems fail, they can cause significant financial damage. Recovering large databases after a failure can be a major challenge for companies.

Protected Harbor offers a solution called Application Outage Avoidance (AOA). With AOA, businesses can improve their response times by up to 500%. It ensures that applications remain available, even during critical situations, and provides consistent performance across the globe.

In simpler terms, Protected Harbor’s AOA helps businesses prevent application failures and ensures that their systems keep running smoothly. This is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and avoiding financial losses.

Application Downtime
Stop Worrying About Application Downtime
Sometimes applications experience downtime, which can occur due to mistakes or technical problems. However, there is a way to anticipate and prevent these issues with something called Application Outage Avoidance (AOA) by Protected Harbor.

AOA helps providers ensure that their applications are available and responsive globally without investing in costly IT infrastructure. It simplifies deploying and optimizing applications, allowing them to be easily moved between data centers and cloud platforms. With AOA, the system automatically applies optimizations to improve the delivery of the application.

AOA by Protected Harbor helps prevent application downtime by making sure they are always accessible and responsive to users around the world. It also makes setting up and managing applications across different locations more accessible. This means businesses can avoid disruptions and provide a better customer experience.

Simplify Availability & Uptime
AOA allows you to proactively monitor business applications to ensure they are always performing at their best. Organizations that use a strong AOA already have a leg up when it comes to application availability, they even gain a significant advantage by designing solutions for a given context.

As applications and platforms become more complex, a comprehensive AOA strategy is critical to ensure business applications run efficiently. A good AOA solution should be able to do the following even at its most basic level:

  • Early detection of performance issues is critical.
  • Determine the source of the issue.
  • Diagnose the problem to get to the bottom of it quickly.
Availability & Uptime
Virtual Servers
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Application Uptime is Your Business

Avoiding outages is the key to High Availability. A certain level of redundancy is required to avoid these interruptions. Every hardware component that could fail, which is really all of them, should have a backup that can take over instantly. In some circumstances, you element the redundant components in conjunction with the primary ingredient to boost performance as long as you know that performance would suffer after a failure. However, in most cases, being up and slow is preferable to being down.

Avoid Application Outages

Reduce Application Downtime by Over 10x
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To Remediate: Consolidate

Organizations have deployed several monitoring technologies to detect and fix events because user expectations are high, and apps must not go down.

On the other hand, these instruments are isolated, sending out different alarms about the same problem. This can create a digital sea of red, which can overload and eventually numb IT teams to alerts, resulting in missed signals and of course, the dreaded outage.

Preventing and controlling incidents by getting collected, coordinated, real-time insights and utilizing actionable knowledge for remediation is the solution to this challenge.

To Remediate, Consolidate
Protected Harbor Advantage

For enterprises that already use a variety of monitoring solutions, Protected Harbor AOA can unify and simplify monitoring. If you use a combination of Protected Harbor solutions, you can save time and money by not having to monitor these environments separately.

We created advanced monitoring tools in tandem with the development of High Availability solutions to assist enterprises in swiftly identifying, isolating, and diagnosing issues.

Protected Harbor AOA monitors application performance, identifies when an application is non-functional, and automatically routes traffic to a healthy server. Technological advancements and cloud hosting are no longer adequate to protect your applications from the risk of unplanned outages.

With the help of AOA and a business continuity solution, you can limit these risks and reduce the likelihood of unplanned outages.

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