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Expert AWS migration advice and tactical implementation to help you build a more agile, secure, and scalable infrastructure on AWS.

Many businesses still run their apps from data centers. When these businesses decide to migrate from on-premises data centers to cloud infrastructures, our AWS cloud professionals can assist them in making the shift smoothly by providing a variety of services.

Protected Harbor, as an AWS migration partner, seeks to bring innovation through an Agile Cloud adoption approach and be a part of the cloud journey of businesses. Our extensive consulting experience with AWS migration services enables us to create a road map for current IT estates and develop compelling solutions.

AWS Migration Framework
Enterprise Scale AWS Migration Framework
Many organizations run their apps from various Rackspace and other data centers in complicated enterprise architecture, but just a fraction of these applications run on AWS Cloud. AWS’s lift and shift must be seamless in such a complex IT environment, and minimizing business impact is difficult.


Protected Harbor’s AWS application discovery solution assists you in better planning cloud initiatives by collecting vital data from your on-premises data centers. Our answer is to use containerization to re-design and re-architecture the right apps to make them suited for the AWS cloud, allowing businesses to achieve a painless Cloud Transformation strategy.

Protected Harbor AWS Framework
Protected Harbor performs end-to-end data migrations for Fortune 50 companies and smaller businesses. This includes platform design, administration, and DataOps for whole multi-vendor data pipelines or particular components. We’ve developed a proven and flexible framework, supported by customizable proprietary automation tools. This enables clients to realize the benefits of the cloud quickly and fully leverages our AWS-native solutions and services to achieve operational efficiency and competitive advantage as a Select Tier Amazon Web Services partner with a proven track record of excellence in completing large, complex migrations and build projects.
AWS Framework
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We Help You Migrate Your Servers, Databases, and Apps to AWS.
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DevOps Services for AWS to Deploy Software Faster.

After a migration, cloud transformation continues. We can assist your team in breaking down the barriers between development and operations in the cloud to produce better software faster as an AWS DevOps partner.

Our AWS DevOps offerings include:

DevOps Consulting to help you make the most of your existing development and production tools as well as to structure your company for optimal efficiency.

Organizational Change Management to assist you in establishing a full-fledged DevOps program that generates enthusiasm, buy-in, and alignment throughout your company.

AWS DevOps Toolchain can assist you in creating a fully automated CI/CD toolchain using AWS native technologies or your existing tools.

DevOps Services for AWS
End-to-End Migration to Ongoing Managed Services

Once your migration is complete, we can provide comprehensive managed services to support your new AWS environment. You’ll get security and performance monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, continuing cost optimization, expert compliance support, and infrastructure administration. You are backed by an industry-leading service and customer-centric culture.

Protected Harbor uses open source and proprietary frameworks, techniques, and tools to provide effective, accurate, repeatable solutions and services.

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