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Improve App Resiliency & Reduce Costly Downtime With Chaos Engineering by Protected Harbor

It can be tough to anticipate or recreate every possible condition in order to ensure the proper functionality and performance of new apps. When deploying changes, Protected Harbor uses Chaos Engineering deployment tools. Before we install an application or run an update, our engineers will clone a VM of your environment and stress test the system to uncover any weaknesses before we finalize the deployment. The fact that we go to these lengths to create and manage, is why clients have such confidence in our system’s capability to withstand attacks, data corruption, and breach events.

Chaos Engineering is already making significant alterations to how software is developed and operated at some of the largest companies in the world. Other techniques focus on speed and adaptability, but Chaos specifically counters the unpredictability found in these distributed systems. Customers get high-quality experiences thanks to the Principles of Chaos.

Prevent Outages
Improve Durability & Prevent Outages
  • Ensure system stability by testing for vulnerabilities prior to outages. It is critical to minimize costly downtime by proactively testing for weaknesses before they occur.
  • Uncover your system’s weaknesses with controlled failure trials. Prepare. Prevent. Improve system stability and uptime with Chaos Engineering.
  • A new form of DevOps to build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications that accelerate digital transformation.
  • Build resilience to failure, maintain data integrity and improve incident response with Chaos.
Why Use Chaos Engineering?
  • It reduces system and application downtime.
  • It minimizes revenue loss due to downtime.
  • Improved user experience.
  • It prepares the system against unexpected failures.
  • It improves confidence in the system.
Use Chaos Engineering
Network Flow Records Inspected Daily
Increase in Application Speed
Minute Avg. Ticket Response Time


Fostering Innovation Through Controlled Rapid Iteration and Learning from Failure
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Chaos and Reliability Engineering

Protected Harbor uses Chaos and Reliability Engineering to understand how your application responds to issues by injecting failures into your application, usually running these experiments against production systems. We help organizations build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications to accelerate digital transformation.

By identifying and repairing system failures before they become known, Chaos Engineering enhances the stability and resilience of client’s systems. Proactively testing how a system responds under stress ensures we can identify and fix failures before they happen.

Reliability Engineering
Shorten Development, Deployment, and Migration Cycles

Our team of experts monitors your critical systems around the clock and responds to any service issues quickly to avoid any operational downtime. With our reliable and secure managed infrastructure services, you can focus on your business goals instead of worrying about your technology.

You can also rely on us for prompt and reliable technical support when you need it. With our remote management solution, you can monitor your systems from anywhere. With our High-Availability solutions, you can ensure that your customers never experience any service disruptions.

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