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Protected Harbor’s Co-Managed IT Services are the perfect fit for your business. Now, we don’t take over your IT department; instead, we supplement it with knowledge, strategy planning, tools, employees, and other resources.

Growing companies can manage their day-to-day operations and technology more affordably while protected and supported by the Protected Harbor IT Services program. We offer various proactive services to keep your computer systems up and running and your staff and business productive using our special foundation for offering technology protection.

Approach to Co Managed
Our Approach to Co-Managed IT Services Is Different
Using Protected Harbor’s Co-Managed IT support services as a management partner, your internal team can take complete control of your IT environment and focus on your most essential tasks while guaranteeing the security and effectiveness of your infrastructure.


Our monitoring and infrastructure tools will give you peace of mind, while our strategic consulting and planning discussions will help you prepare for the future.

We’re Here to Enhance, Not to Replace Your Current Systems
Protected Harbor’s Co-Managed IT Services give you more consistent performance and cost savings. That means you get more value out of the technology you already have while lowering the total cost of IT issues and the cost of downtime.
Not to Replace Your Current Systems


With Co-Managed IT Services from Protected Harbor, Get the Best of Both Worlds.
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Co-Managed IT Services Simplified

The time to start exploring these services is now. There is no reason to put these tools on the back burner while you wait for an unreliable system to fix itself. These services can help you power through a series of problems that might otherwise cause your team to grind to a halt.

You don’t have enough time to become an IT Expert. You have to manage your business. We manage the technology and day to day operations through our Co-Managed IT services, allowing you to concentrate on your company.

Understand Your Network 

Knowing your organization’s technology and network assets is the first step toward managing and safeguarding those assets. You can protect what you don’t even know about with Co-Managed IT.

Together with your staff, we handle the day-to-day IT support tasks including data backup, software upgrades, and troubleshooting.

Understand Your Network

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