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Backup isn’t enough for clients’ business-critical data; they need a comprehensive approach to cyber security. Our remote backup, when used in conjunction with Protected Cloud, allows you to expand the cloud backup capabilities your clients require to protect their data in the event of a disaster.
You can reliably protect your clients’ data by benefiting from expanded backup and disaster recovery capabilities combined with cyber protection for over 20 workload kinds. Learn about the backup and data protection features that Protected Harbor provides and utilize the power of a single solution, one agent, and a single console that can provide your clients with complete cyber security.

Centralized Backup
Centralized Backup Service
Protected Harbor Backup is a low-cost, secure, one-click backup solution that scales to meet your backup storage requirements. The centralized cyber security services management interface makes defining backup strategies and protecting a variety of enterprise workloads simple.

  • Maintaining Connectivity: Use remote access protection to keep employees connected and safe.
  • Ensure Security: Top-notch safeguards ensure the security of mission-critical data.
  • Protected Harbor-Powered Baas and DRaaS: Using an ecosystem of trustworthy cloud and service provider partners to implement efficient remote data protection techniques.
Why Choose Protected Harbor Backup
Protected Harbor Backup services are a quick, dependable, cost-effective backup, replication, rapid granular recovery, and disaster recovery orchestration solution delivered through a single pane of glass to protect your business.

  • Virtual, physical, cloud, and SaaS infrastructures are all protected.
  • Backups can be sent on-site to the cloud, tape, or local devices.
  • Increase backup performance, reliability, and recovery times.
  • With job scheduling and automation, role-based access control, and Active Directory connectivity, you can simplify administration and improve security.
Choose Protected Harbor Backup
Client Retention Rate
Malicious Connections Blocked Daily
Avg. Increase in Application Speed
Backup for Office365 & Azure

Protected Harbor Backup for Microsoft Office 365 minimizes the risk of losing access to and control over your remote user data and business-critical data, which may be disastrous to your operations, by ensuring that your data is always safe and accessible.

Protected Harbor cloud backup services guarantee comprehensive backup and network security with adaptable, reliable, and simple-to-install-and-run solutions for every environment, allowing organizations to focus on operations, employee health, and safety.

A Backup Solution You Can Count on

We Make Sure That Your Information is Always Accessible.
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Maintain Business Continuity 

With developments in technology enabling firms to operate in a highly connected and efficient manner, remote working increases in popularity in the new average workplace. Workstations, laptops, and other devices, on the other hand, can store essential data, some of which must be backed up in the event of data loss, corruption, or natural disaster.

Protected Harbor is a global leader in backup and recovery solutions that delivers a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud, and securing data. We ensure business continuity by seamlessly preserving remote workers’ workstations, productivity tools, and cloud, virtual, and physical workloads. In contrast, businesses around the world adapt to quickly changing working conditions.

Maintain Business
Rest Assured Your Data is in Safe Hands

Our Data Backup and Recovery Services at Protected Harbor cover more than just the “what-ifs.” We reduce downtime and boost your company’s overall productivity. Our professionals implement data protection services that are proactive in safeguarding and maintaining essential business applications.

You won’t be slowed down by remote data storage. Independent testing has shown that Protected Harbor saves you time when backing up and provides quick access to your data when you need them.

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