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Protected Harbor provides customized data center infrastructure management, application migration, server storage, network, and durability support to businesses looking to scale their technology with integrated and customized dcim solutions. Our managed data center is focused on the uptime of your application at the lowest possible cost, regardless of location and cloud provider, from infrastructure design to network operations, including security, storage, connectivity, remediation, monitoring, and more.

Protected Data Center is a data center asset that protects your technology infrastructure investments by integrating application dependability, asset management and infrastructure management. Our tried-and-true methodology aids in the planning, manage data center, and optimization of the facility infrastructure components that supports your mission-critical business applications. We put a premium on DCIM software, tools, application uptime, and durability.

Simply the Best DCIM out There
Protected Harbor’s DCIM provides complete operational intelligence based on real-time data for better data center and facility management. Our DCIM software is a highly scalable IoT software platform with power distribution units that collects the unstructured “big data” generated by modern data centers and facilities’ infrastructure, sensors, applications, and IT equipment. Our managers data center leverage real-time data to help managers make better decisions, decrease operational risks, and provide a better Data Center Infrastructure Management dcim solution.
All sorts of service providers can benefit from DCIM solutions like Protected Harbor since they enable real-time data collecting and analytics for intelligent capacity planning. By detecting and freeing stranded capacity, enhancing the productivity of your service workers, and ensuring that all of your SLAs are met, data center asset tools allows you to maximize the profits generated by your facilities.
Completely Managed DCIM
Enterprises can turn their infrastructure into future-ready models that are durable, versatile, and adaptable with the help of a managed data center. This is where we enter the picture. From design and implementation through networking, asset management, day-to-day monitoring, and system validation, Protected Data Center operators deliver end-to-end assistance for secure deployments of complex business applications.

Protected Data Center assets offer a global helpdesk with level 1, 2, and 3 support, a 24/7 NOC, a Tier 3 Data Center, best-in-class CMDB solutions, and years of experience and knowledge gained from working with premier IT firms.

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We Make DCIM Uncomplicated

As enterprises require more processing power and resources to support their IT operations, data centers become increasingly complicated.
Monitoring capacity and power aren’t enough. Every data center facility infrastructure components must be monitored and adjusted to increase operational efficiency.
Here’s a closer look at data center infrastructure and the key components that make it up. The DCIM software from Protected Harbor automates the management of your computer infrastructure.


DCIM Services from Protected Harbor is the Convergence of IT
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Capabilities Like No Other

  • We keep your applications up so you may concentrate on your business.
  • Standardized deployments allow for rapid expansion.
  • Identify difficulties before they become problems by being proactive.
  • Gain insight into asset/system performance.
  • Improved procedures, higher productivity, and better utilization of resources.
  • Able to successfully deploy current IT and infrastructure resources.
  • Use real-world data to improve performance and make better decisions.
  • Anticipate and prepare for future IT requirements.
Seamless and Time Saving
Empowering The Enterprises with Protected DCIM

Nothing undermines credibility like a system that is consistently failing. Our managers data center can cure any office program or system and minimize reputation harm, whether the failure is due to growth, poor design, or an ineffective hardware platform.

Protected Data Center can provide IT solutions to assist your business operations and growth, from creating infrastructure to upgrading an existing system to introducing innovative apps. Our end-to-end solution portfolio keeps your data center operations running smoothly.

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