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Protect your data from ransomware threats with Protected Harbor, which combines the newest Immutability technology with superior storage solutions to make your company operations safer and more secure.

Enterprises are concerned about data protection due to privacy legislation, targeted cyberattacks, and digital transformation. The highest level of content aware data loss protection is provided by Protected Harbor Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to reduce the risks of compliance violations and data breaches. With our market-leading technology, you gain extensive discovery, data classification, monitoring, and data transferred protection capabilities, giving you complete visibility and control over your information wherever it travels.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention
Advanced-Data Loss Prevention
Advanced DLP gives you unrivaled provisioning and maintenance ease to prevent data leakage from client workloads through peripheral devices and network interactions. You can develop business-specific rules for each customer quickly and accurately with automatic initial DLP policy creation and adaptive data loss.
Reduce Data Management Complexity

You can control your TCO and allow more significant margins with more accessible service tiering by using a single, integrated platform for backup and disaster recovery, next-generation anti-malware, email security, workload management, and data loss prevention.

Reduce Data Management Complexity
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Next-Gen Data Protection Platform

The Protected Harbor data secure module provides our partners with a next-generation data security platform that allows them to protect their customers’ data better. Unlike most security systems, our DLP effectively detects content aware data loss and prohibits sensitive data extraction that is not authorized.

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Boost Your Productivity and Keep Your Costs in Check With Our DLP.
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Adaptive DLP Policy

Reduce the manual work required to alter and update a DLP policy. Allow and protect new, previously unused business data flows by automatically expanding the imposed policy with different rules.

DLP analyzes endpoints, data transferred, network file shares, databases, and other data repositories for sensitive information to provide comprehensive visibility, data classification, and control over your information- wherever it lives and travels.

The use of content-aware detection methods by DLP enables you to identify confidential information stored practically everywhere and in any file format, limit the impact of your DLP efforts on end-users, and eliminate false positives and false negatives.

Adaptive DLP Policy
Technology Leadership

Protected Harbor’s Data Protection products give partners exceptional real-time visibility and control of content – without sacrificing performance, they can strengthen their relationships by delivering value-added solutions that produce a steady stream of service income. Protected Harbor’s DLP ease of use, precision, and cost-effectiveness have impressed customers worldwide.

Protected Harbor DLP stops insiders from stealing sensitive information, including customer information and product ideas, by giving you complete visibility and control over your information, regardless of where it resides and travels.

By imposing a single set of regulations and workflows that you can control through a unified web-based panel, our DLP prevents sensitive information from being stolen or disclosed. Additionally, DLP guards against configuration problems and unintentional exposure caused by novice cloud users.

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