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You get the fastest, most secure, and most inexpensive DaaS solutions with Protected Harbor. Our desktop virtualization solution will assist you in expanding your business by converting all of your devices into a powerful cloud-based virtual machine that you can access from anywhere.

We provide highly customizable virtual apps and desktops, reasonably priced remote desktops, and PCs built on a powerful cloud platform. This saves you the money and time needed to set up an internal IT infrastructure. Simply get in touch with our team, and we’ll handle everything from desktop installation to support.

Office Will Be More Efficient
Efficient Offices and Happier Employees.
Employees expect to access their remote work from anywhere on any device, and companies are looking for a low-cost, simple solution to deliver these apps securely. Traditional PC environments are burdened with IT management challenges as simple as employee password resets and as complex as updating security patches plus updates that impact user productivity and take up valuable time for IT administrators.

We provide – virtual desktop infrastructure vdi solutions, cloud service, and advantages to IT by simplifying operations and securely delivering desktops and apps to its workforce.

One Easy Integration, Infinite Benefits
With one seamless integration, your team will easily access the best-in-class remote work suite and software proven to increase your organization’s efficiency, collaboration, and data security. In today’s digital age, it’s essential to have a cloud-based solution that is always up and running and reliable. With DaaS solutions from Protected Harbor, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your team is backed up and secure with enterprise-level protection against cyber threats.
Infinite Benefits
Virtual Servers
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The Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business
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High-Speed, Encrypted Communications

Secure data centers offer the highest level of data security. They are physically isolated from other data centers, connected with a high-speed, encrypted communications channel, and monitored by a security team. You can also choose a secure data center as your server location.

Encrypted Communications

Utilize High-Performance Remote Desktop Solutions to access all of your programs. Work effectively on numerous tasks, projects, and applications with top-notch graphics without encountering performance concerns.

We understand that each sector has different desktop requirements. We provide a system that helps clients choose from our DaaS options relevant to their sector. Once the best-fit option is chosen, our clients can adjust the pricing over time to suit the changing demands of their company.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning help to ensure that your company can continue operating during a high-risk period and when normal operations have been disrupted. Depending on the size of your company, continuity planning can include setting up an emergency response team, purchasing insurance, setting up a backup system, or some combination of these.

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