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In the event of a disaster, Disaster Recovery (DR) ensures business continuity without affecting operations in any way. Most major businesses devote between 2 and 4 percent of their IT expenditures to disaster recovery planning; others spend as much as 25 percent on reducing infrastructure risks.

Organizations must be well-prepared for all forms of calamities, including hardware malfunctions, cyberattacks, and even natural disasters. To a major extent, a company’s ability to replicate its systems and data will determine whether it can continue operating after a crisis.

Our specialized IT disaster recovery services help minimize unplanned interruptions’ effects by ensuring resilience for your data, applications, and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery
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Anywhere, at any time, a disaster can happen. it can affect your IT systems in various ways, such as weather-related occurrences, human error, and cyberattacks. Business downtime costs per incident might range from $82,200 to $256,000. However, a lot of businesses lack a complete disaster recovery plan.

With Protected Harbor’s disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, you can utilize our knowledgeable team of experts from all key industries and over 40 data centers to maintain the security of your data and your company’s operations.

Why Choose Protected Harbor Disaster Recovery?
Your organization must be sure that you have a disaster recovery plan in place before a disaster strikes. Having a disaster recovery plan is important, but you could still be in danger if it isn’t thoroughly tested and evaluated in light of your company’s particular demands.

Your disaster recovery strategy will undoubtedly work as intended with the help of Protected Harbor’s Disaster Recovery service, which can also help you get back up and running quickly and protect your information. You can evaluate and test your approach before making changes in response to professional guidance. You will learn from this the steps that must be performed to guarantee that your strategy will successfully restore your firm to full operation fast and with little data loss.

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Midmarket businesses can swiftly and affordably recover from any setback with the help of Protected Harbor’s cloud and on-premise data backup and disaster recovery services. We achieve this by assisting you in developing plans and strategies that are in line with your company’s needs.

With Protected Harbor Universal Recovery capabilities, you can restore data at any level, from a single file, message, or data item to a complete computer (physical or virtual) and even to other hardware. Data can be restored to any supported system, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments, allowing for local and off-site recovery.

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Protected Harbor Disaster Recovery services are designed to provide maximum availability with near-zero downtime for zero loss and minimal inconvenience. Our recovery solution is cost-effective and offers best-in-class benefits compared to many old methods. You’ll also save money on unneeded expenses like server purchases and licensing and hardware and software.

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Disaster recovery is a necessary aspect of any business continuity plan. It is important to have a way to restore your data in the event of a disaster so that your business can keep operating.

Data loss causes businesses to struggle with getting back on their feet and resume operations. However, with Protected Harbor’s custom Disaster Recovery Strategy, even the tiniest fraction of data is not lost in a disaster, and your business may operate as usual. Robust disaster recovery solutions help assure business continuity regardless of the severity of a company’s disaster.

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