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Disasters happen. Creating a disaster recovery strategy is a difficult task. And while you’ve probably identified and sent the most important data to a secure, offsite place, you still have to think about retrieval. If you don’t have confidence in your program’s ability to return data within the required SLAs, you’ll be raising your risk of breaking several internal and external regulations. 

Because of Protected Harbor’s technology-agnostic approach, we can design a plan and procedure depending on the business’s recovery strategy. In the case of a disaster, you’ll have access to a partner with the knowledge, national footprint, and standardized methods you can count on.

Disaster Recovery As A Service
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the replication of a physical or virtual server hosted by a third party to allow immediate recovery with no data loss in the case of a man-made or natural disaster. Protected Harbor DRaaS is based on a unique 4-way Disaster Recovery architecture that increases business continuity and security. It can be powered by any hyperscaler or private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Compared to many older models, it is cost-effective and provides the best-in-class features.
Disaster Recovery Solution Tailored To Your Business
Business continuity entails Disaster Recovery as a Service. No firm should begin operations without a failsafe plan to ensure that activities continue even in the event of a tragedy. DRaaS is helpful in this situation because it allows businesses to back up their data and IT infrastructure in a distinct cloud computing environment that is hosted across many data centers and has automatic data replication, monitoring, and copying between them. The goal of DRaaS is usually to achieve a quick recovery point. The data is restored to the closest “current” issue possible during a natural or artificial disaster.
99.99% Uptime
95% Client Retention Rate
Avg. 50% increase in application speed
Rapidly Recover Business

In the case of a disruption or disaster, rapidly and efficiently recover critical company information.
You’re short-staffed, under-resourced, and constantly pressured to keep things running well daily. – It’s even more critical in the event of a larger tragedy or disruption.
Protected Harbor’s Disaster Recovery solution allows you to swiftly and efficiently recover business-critical data in hours, with assured SLAs, keeping your business up and running and your staff busy.

A Different Approach to Disaster Recovery

Trust the specialists with your firm’s security and protect its data.
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    Disaster Recovery Consulting

    Prepare yourself with a well-thought-out and tested disaster recovery strategy.
    When calamity hits, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan to get your business back. Are you sure you’re ready?
    Before a disaster strikes, make sure you have a disaster recovery plan. Even if you have a disaster recovery plan, you could still be in danger if it isn’t adequately tested and analyzed based on your company’s specific needs.
    Our Disaster Recovery Consulting service can provide you peace of mind that your disaster recovery strategy will work as intended, protecting your data and getting you back up and running quickly. With Protected Harbor’s Disaster Recovery Consulting, you can test and review your strategy before making changes based on expert recommendations. You’ll discover the measures to follow to guarantee that your strategy effectively restores your organization’s operations swiftly and minimizes data loss.

    Ensuring Business Continuity

    Our disaster recovery experts realize that data protection is the first step in disaster recovery. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions is built to deal with complex, hybrid systems (cloud & on-premise) and scale up and down dependent on your needs.
    Plan to keep your organization working continuously through all types of IT disasters, from natural occurrences to internal malevolent actors, rather than just recovering from downtime. This will put your mind at ease and ensure that your stakeholders are not concerned about any disruptions.

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