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Protected Harbor provides an all-in-one cloud-based service that offers exceptional spam, virus, malware, ransomware, spoof, and phish email protection when looking for a dependable hosted email security provider. Our email spam filtering system provides a 99.9% protection against email spam and viruses that are missed by most commercial anti-virus and anti-spam software.

Our spam filtering service can be tailored to fit the needs of any small or large business. All of your users’ emails will be filtered through our spam filtering servers. The filtering servers transfer all clean emails to the final recipient mailbox after filtering. Suspicious emails are quarantined in a database. Users can access the database to allow emails to be released (in the event of false positives) or to delete spam emails. Protected Harbor’s gateway servers can handle high volumes of email traffic as well as spikes in email traffic.

Eliminate Spam
Eliminate Spam, Eliminate Worries
When spam is causing problems for your company, Protected Harbor’s email filtering service can help you quickly remove spam and other unwanted messages from your network and email gateway.
With the increasing amount of spam, network administrators face significant issues. Spam wastes bandwidth slowing system performance, and raises security issues, resulting in severe financial, productivity, and business opportunity losses.
Protected Harbor Secure Email Gateway provides an email filtering solution that applies security rules to every email going into the company and protects your network from known risks and advanced threats. By using our email spam filtering, you will reduce spam disruption and better defend your organization from email-based dangers.
Protected Harbor Email Filtering Security Service
To defend your organization from spam, malware, advanced threats, and zero-day attacks, our Secure Email Gateway uses powerful, multi-layered detection engines.
You can use our email filtering service to:

  • With an SLA for 0.0001% false positives, you can eliminate 99% of spam.
  • Secure your business with anti-malware protection that is 100% effective, zero-hour protection, and 100% availability SLAs.
  • Protected from DDoS attacks that can cripple your infrastructure.
  • For easy filling and clearing of inboxes, handle graymail such as mailing lists and newsletters.
  • Self-service systems that allow end-users to handle prohibited and approved senders can boost employee productivity and reduce helpdesk calls.
Email Filtering Security Service
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Shield Your Inbox

Protection from Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, and Other Email Threats.
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Protection With Threat Intelligence

Protected Harbor’s decades of threat intelligence data means that if we already know a message is harmful, we block it at the source to improve sandbox performance and deliver safe messages quickly.

With integrated threat knowledge from the endpoint and email protection in the Protected Harbor data lake, you can get the most out of your security investment. Finding previously undetected indicators of compromise or removing questionable data across several contexts. Then, broaden your view to include Microsoft 365, cloud server workloads, the network, and other areas.

Threat Intelligence
Managed Email Security

Protect sensitive information and make compliance simple. Protected Harbor email security checks messages and attachments for sensitive material automatically, and encryption is effortlessly integrated.

Protected Harbor’s email filtering and security are part of a larger ecosystem of protection that is uniquely coupled to automate threat detection and response. To provide an all-in-one solution for business email management, Protected Harbor also offers cloud-based email archiving and security products with email encryption.

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