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Your Only As Safe As Your Least Secure Workstation

Employees are considered a weak link in IT security, for both large and small businesses. Organizations must make staff an integral component of their detection and prevention strategy as assaults become more sophisticated. They must learn how cybercriminals use employees to gain access to a company’s data, and how they can fight back.

Improve the security of your IT infrastructure with Employee Security Training from Protected Harbor.  Our Cybersecurity Training is a cutting-edge program designed to help your employees recognize and avoid email phishing scams, and make smarter technology choices. The training involves simulations of phishing attacks that train and test your employees on what to look out for.

Our experts provide IT training programs that specifically address the issues important to your business, with periodic lunch-and-learn sessions, or half-day IT training programs.  We begin by examining your environment’s vulnerabilities and provide specific awareness training to your personnel so that they think before they click.

Cyber Security Training
Cyber Security Training
Scammers and hackers are everywhere and are constantly evolving and growing. Ransomware has become a billion-dollar industry, phishing schemes are increasingly sophisticated, and more businesses are being targeted. Employee education on cybersecurity solutions is the first step to keeping your business protected from cyber schemes. Protected Harbor educates your staff and internal IT team about the latest threats, and which technologies can be implemented to protect your business.
Phishing Email Training
When it comes to cyber threats like phishing, your employees are often the largest and most vulnerable target. With Protected Harbor, you can train your end-users on new trends, use simulated attacks, get top-of-the-line security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.
Phishing Email Training
Critical Business
Critical Business Technology Training
Because technology only works when you know how to use it, we offer on-site IT training while we implement, augment, and design your systems – getting your staff up to speed so your business can succeed.

Locked into Office 365? Our Microsoft 365 training services will educate you and your staff on the programs available, and ensure your business is maximizing ROI.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We Offer Risk Assessment Services Specifically Designed for Companies Operating Under HIPAA, PCI DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, or DFARs Regulations.
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With an Increase in Phishing Attacks, Data Breaches, and Ransomware, How Secure is Your Business?

Employee cybersecurity training is a cost-effective and comprehensive approach to securing the technologies that your company relies on. 

  • Quickly find out how cyber savvy your employees are.
  • Reinforce a security-first culture.
  • Empower employees to report suspicious emails.
  • Turn all employees into threat hunters.
  • Satisfy compliance mandates and audits.
Data Breaches
Prevent Avoidable Security Threats Before They Occur With Protected Employee Security Training

Enforcing cybersecurity awareness across all levels and departments in enterprises has become a must. To protect your IP and company data, it all starts with the right training program for each employee. Securing your IP and company data requires enforcing a cybersecurity awareness training program. It is now everyone’s obligation to be concerned about cybersecurity.

Employee mistakes cause 95% of cybersecurity breaches, according to the IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index, and firewalls cannot prevent a staff member from falling for a phishing email. Your company could spend millions on cutting-edge security technologies, but none of it will matter if your staff aren’t properly trained in how to recognize and respond to cyberattacks.

It is far easier for cyber thieves to spend a few minutes sending a phishing email than it is to spend months researching zero-day vulnerabilities. If your employees are not prepared for a cyberattack, the unpleasant reality is, neither is your organization. As a result, a training program can help enhance awareness and knowledge about various hazards, ranging from phishing to physical security.

A thorough cybersecurity awareness training program not only reduces the danger of security threats, but it also frees up time for the IT department. Instead of spending time defending against an attack, companies can utilize that time to develop an offensive strategy through penetration testing or other proven approaches for reducing cybersecurity risks and difficulties.