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One of the most complicated regulatory and compliance environments in our country right now is healthcare. Healthcare organizations need to have the necessary information and resources to evaluate and manage the effects of the government’s constantly evolving regulatory compliance and enforcement initiatives. To maintain an effective compliance program, compliance officers, healthcare executives, managers, and the workforce must all be aware of and clearly understand healthcare compliance requirements.

Healthcare firms can receive healthcare compliance and regulatory services to ensure their compliance procedures are efficient and are properly tackling healthcare regulatory compliance goals. To determine if the compliance program has the appropriate practices, rules, and processes to adequately address such obligations, these professional services examine compliance program operations and general federal and state health care requirements.

Your company can safeguard itself from violations, penalties, and lost revenue with the assistance of Protected Harbor’s compliance experts, who have decades of industry experience. We’re here to support you in achieving your compliance objectives, big and small.

Expert Assessment
Expert Assessment & Consulting
Your efforts to comply with regulations may be challenging and ineffective due to uncertainty, complexity, and a lack of time or resources. By delegating the difficult tasks and headaches associated with compliance to renowned specialists in the field, you can strengthen your compliance program and safeguard your company against violations. Services offered are:

  • Consulting
  • Program Assessment
  • Effectiveness Review
Services for HIPAA Privacy and Security
Follow tried-and-trusted administrative, physical, and technical security processes to comply with HIPAA and safeguard your ePHI. Our professionals can assist your company in creating a culture of security and privacy that can withstand an OCR investigation. Services offered are:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Advisory Services
  • Risk Analysis
  • Training
HIPAA Privacy and Security
2500+ Standard Procedures
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3 Level 3 NOC Support

Compliance Specialization Matters

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A Simple, Effective, and Economical Way to Stay Current.

We understand that HIPAA, OSHA, corporate compliance, and human resources regulations continue to burden the healthcare sector heavily.

Numerous healthcare organizations have struggled to develop a practical, affordable solution to these high overhead, low reward issues. Having experienced this frustration firsthand, Protected Harbor has developed cutting-edge online tools and extensive compliance assistance to meet these needs.

Effective and Economical
A Comprehensive Compliance Program for Enterprises

We have the knowledge, connections, and expertise to offer professional evaluations on a range of US, state, and international compliance and policy matters. We can assist you in staying current and being ready to take action.

Our gap analysis can show you where you would need to take further action in terms of ERISA and HIPAA regulations. We can also create or update the necessary paperwork. Knowing that you have policies and processes in place will help you sleep better.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the resources, guidance, and assistance they require to develop effective systems that will ensure the safety of their workers and the best possible care for their patients.

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