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Accelerate Your HIGH TRUST & SOC 2 Process with Protected Harbor Compliance Consulting

Organizations continue to use SOC 2 hitrust reports & HITRUST csf certifications to differentiate themselves from the competition, demonstrate their commitment to security, and win new business. Protected Harbor experts are able to walk you through the HITRUST and SOC 2 certification process from readiness all the way through the delivery of your final hitrust report.

Our mission is to be a true compliance partner through every stage of growth. Our automation software, paired with support from certified auditors, can take your company from readiness to report in half the time, so you can focus on driving revenue and closing deals.

HITRUST certification and SOC 2 compliance doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Protected Habor simplifies the complexity of documenting and achieving your HITRUST & SOC2 certification, 

HITRUST Certification
Take the Guesswork Out of HITRUST Certification
Not only does Protected Harbor make the initial Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) certification significantly easier to navigate, but our common sense approach to setting up and maintaining information security and compliance operations has saved organizations significant time and money while providing peace-of-mind for meeting current and evolving compliance standards.


Protected Harbor clients can design and implement an Common Security Framework (CSF) environment, and use Protected Harbor services in a manner that supports the requirements of HITRUST CSF. Our HITRUST certification services include:

  • Gap Assessment
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Bridge Assessments
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis and Advisory
  • HITRUST-SOC Coordinated Assessments
  • Assessment Guide & Documentation
  • Validation/Certification Advisory
Simplify the Complex and Speed Up SOC 2 Certification
The path to SOC 2 should be accessible to everyone. That’s what Protected Harbor is here for. Our goal is to make your SOC 2 audit as simple as possible. As part of our protected process, you’ll receive controls guidance on developing your system description and evidence best-practices to help you quickly prepare to meet each required SOC 2 criteria. 


When you choose Protected Harbor to assist with your SOC 1, 2 and 3 readiness and documentation services, you will have a team of professionals with years of certification experience. Our team looks at:


  • Availability – The reliability and quality of the network, response to security incidents and site failover
  • Confidentiality – If access to the data is limited to certain individuals or organizations, it must be treated as confidential.
  • Process System processing is complete, valid, accurate, timely, and authorized to meet business objectives.
  • Privacy – Verify controls in place to prevent the dissemination of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive information..
  • Security – Do your system resources stand up to NIST to defended against outside access to comply with the principle of security?
SOC 2 Certification
A perfect track record of helping organizations manage and respond effectively to compliance requirements.


Our team evaluates your organization and provides you with detailed gap guidance on any areas requiring an update before you begin the HITRUST assessment process.


Our experts will work with you to implement the necessary policies and procedures to prepare you to successfully obtain your HITRUST certification and mitigate any failures and additional costs.


We work with you to present a well-documented validated assessment to HITRUST. Then once you're HITRUST Certified, our managed services ensures you keep your certification for years.
HITRUST Framework & Compliance

Healthcare and medical IT leaders are facing new technical and security challenges in the wake of ransomware attacks that have hit the industry, as well as the COVID-19 induced shift to remote and hybrid-remote workforces. To protect service organizations from cyber threats and compliance issues, Protected Harbor uses the the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Protected Harbor’s NIST program brings together risks, controls, policies, environment, and framework issues, to empower your organization to meet the increasing compliance needs of today. Using NIST as a framework, HITRUST CSF, SOC 2 Framework and NIST 800-53 Publication all go hand- in- hand, helping clients improve security across several checklists by following one common framework. Protected Harbor clients are able to achieve compliance in both NIST and HIPPA following this mentod.  Protected Harbor’s full NIST sercurity services provides:

More Than Just an Approach

A Comprehensive, Integrated Framework for Cybersecurity, Trust, and Compliance
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We Protect Patient Information Everyday

Trust between patients and their healthcare providers is crucial. The foundation for this confidence is the assurance that patients will get quality medical attention and that their Protected Health Information (PHI) will be secure. The provider-patient relationship is put in danger if that confidentiality is breached, even inadvertently, in addition to breaking legal regulations like HIPAA and HITECH. Patients and partners can rest easy knowing that organizations certified under HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance), the most extensively used security framework in the U.S. healthcare industry, have implemented a controlled environment to protect patient information.

As a HITRUST Authorized CSF Assessor, Protected Harbor assists healthcare enterprises in obtaining HITRUST certification and advises clients of the procedure’s constantly changing requirements. Our team of dedicated experts translates many security frameworks into a single language under the direction of the HITRUST CSF. In addition to providing a third-party evaluation confirming clients’ compliance with the HITRUST CSF, we offer a prescriptive roadmap to assist clients in implementing security controls by regulatory standards.

Related security and compliance services include:

  • HITRUST Preparedness / Readiness Assessment
  • HIPAA Security and Privacy Assessment
  • SOC2 Readiness and Assessment
  • 22 CFR11 Assessment
  • Interim CISO and DPO Offerings
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Third-Party Risk Assessment
  • Enterprise Risk Management
Protected Harbor Helps
How Protected Harbor Helps
Protected Harbor’s all-in-one integrated HITRUST framework combines compliance, trust, and cybersecurity. Both HITRUST and SOC 2 integrate relevant regulations, standards, and best practices into a single security framework after being developed in collaboration with information security experts. Organizations can customize the security control baselines depending on a range of criteria, including organization type, size, systems, and regulatory requirements because the HITRUST CSF and SOC Framework are both risk and compliance-based.


Protected Harbor ensures your security operations are based on both risk and compliance features inside HITRUST and or SOC2. You can be confident that we are taking every precaution to protect your data. We commit to working hard to fulfill every certification criterion to achieve compliance within HIPPA, NIST, SOC2, and HITRUST.

Is HITRUST Required?

While HIPAA stipulates specific penalties for data security violations, the healthcare sector controls and manages HITRUST enforcement. Since hospitals and payers now demand certification, HITRUST has quickly gained traction in the market as a requirement for vendors and service providers.

Although HITRUST certification is not always necessary when implementing new technology, it does offer chances to simplify security and compliance during the implementation process.

HITRUST Required

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