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Work with one of the top cloud service providers for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to take advantage of managed cloud services that are scalable, dependable, and high-performing plus satisfy your specific business requirements.

Protected Harbor provides a service IaaS model that is standardized, highly automated, and enhanced by networking and cloud storage resources available on demand. You receive your virtual data center at a very low cost because all resources offered are scalable, real-time, and charged according to the utilization of each component in your solution.

You may easily extend your infrastructure with the public cloud or outsource virtualized computing resources to consumers and organizations with a cloud computing approach. Servers, network connections, storage, and features like content delivery networks and load balancing are examples of resources.

Managed DCIM
The Cloud Services Your Company Needs
We maintain the storage and networking, equipment, testing, and development environments while you experience the needed services. Our pay as you go model offers much flexibility and ease in your company’s growth. Use the IaaS cloud computing services to quickly scale new or existing applications to larger audiences.
Cloud Computing on Demand
Allows multiple users to share the same physical infrastructure and IT users to access resources over the internet. You focus on the core business rather than on IT infrastructure.

You also reduce costs and increase agility by centralizing your organization’s information technology resources while minimizing the risk of data loss and improving compliance by keeping your organization’s data in one location, possibly a premises data center.

Cloud Computing on Demand
Tier III Datacenter
Workflow Events Logged Daily
Malicious Connections Blocked Daily


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Grow Without Worrying  

Whether it’s a virtual server, a premises data center, a database, or a network connection, you can purchase it as a service and run it whenever you need it. Load balancing allows your business to grow without the worry about needing to buy a new infrastructure or hiring any new staff.

Grow Without Worrying

Data centers, hybrid clouds, DevOps, workforce productivity, and a number of other applications can all be managed and operated by standard or specialized cloud hosting service iaas portfolios.

You may depend on a specialized cloud migration approach and distinctive management solutions created for scale and agility to meet specific company objectives. Test new software on testing and development environments or a virtual server before installing it on your company’s production server. This gives you the flexibility to experiment while still protecting your company from costly mistakes.

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