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Employees have recognized and asked for assistance for a growing list of new methods to use smartphones for their work as a result of the use of smartphones within the workplace. Organizations struggle to strike a balance between empowering mobile workers to be more productive and protecting their sensitive information in light of the reality of dealing with an increasingly mobile workplace. They would prefer to do both without having to spend the money and time on deploying numerous new applications.

Protected Harbor Mobile Security is a key component of our comprehensive user protection solution, allowing you to see and control all of your mobile devices, apps, and data from a single dashboard. It achieves the ideal combination of user productivity and IT hazards.

Unmatched Protection
Unmatched Protection and Safety
You need security solutions that are simple to use yet powerful enough to keep modern cyberthreats at bay, whether you’re defending a single store or a worldwide network.


When compared to standalone mobile security and MDM (Master Data Management) solutions that require new administration infrastructures, it dramatically reduces complexity and costs.

Mobile Security is Essential in the Mobile World
Today’s workplace can be located anywhere. CIOs and CISOs, as well as their teams, want a secure mobile device workforce as well as enterprise mobile security solutions that allow for the flexible delivery of apps, content, and resources across devices. They need strategic options for mobile security threats and prevention, such as risk insights and behavioral analysis, security policy, and containerization of mission-critical resources, whether they support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Choose-Your-Own-Device (CYOD), or a corporate-liable environment.
Mobile Security
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Protect Critical Apps and Data

Get Visibility and Control Over Your Mobile Devices, Apps, and Data.
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Protect Your Workspace

As working from home becomes more common, business device security is becoming increasingly important. Your workers can work safely at any time, anywhere, and on any device with Protected Harbor Business Mobile Security Services.

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Don’t Leave Your Mobile Data at Risk

We put your needs first in all we do. Every device security solution is tailored to the characteristics of your data strategy as well as the needs of your mobile workforce.

Protected Harbor Mobile Security, a crucial component of a comprehensive user protection strategy, significantly lowers complexity and costs compared to standalone mobile security and MDM solutions that call for new management infrastructures.

Our mobile security, in contrast to other solutions, integrates layers of data protection to safeguard your corporate data wherever it goes. Your data is protected through technologies like encryption enforcement, remote lock and wipe, password enforcement, and others that interact with device security and app control.

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