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Even just a minute of downtime for a larger company might result in millions of dollars lost. While the impact isn’t quite as larger for smaller firms, it is no less significant, and such blunders within the monitoring and management might imperil a company’s entire operation. As a result, Network Operations Centers (NOC) are essential in managing and monitoring the network infrastructure.

NOCs are primary places where an organization’s computer network and telecom infrastructure are supported, IT infrastructure events are detected, resolved, and data center availability is ensured. Depending on the situation, they can both be found within and outside of the data center. It’s usually connected to a high-speed internet connection or the internet backbone to supply as much bandwidth as possible.

Protected Harbor is regarded as one of the most significant NOC organizations, with a well-structured physical space, hardware infrastructure, communication infrastructure, staffing and training, dedicated servers, network performance, contingency, disaster recovery, plus access control and monitoring systems.

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How Protected Harbor Helps?
Our managed Network Operation Center management services offer a single dashboard for IT Infrastructure Management, including Network Provisioning, IT Monitoring, IT Service Desk, IT Problem Management, IT capacity monitoring, application management, and IT change management. Our specialized managed NOC Services facility, which has over a decade of experience, offers a comprehensive variety of services within service assurance and service fulfillment.


The dedicated/managed NOC Services provide data network technical support and operational monitoring 24/7, focusing on wide area network, cloud, and data center support. We follow a well-defined NOC monitoring service organization hierarchy structure to assure complete operational and fault-free managed services and the continuous availability of appropriate shadow resources in the event of a requirement to prevent operational loss.

Overcome Infrastructure Challenges
Infrastructure concerns prohibit you from concentrating your efforts where they are most needed: inventing and growing your company. Consistent support difficulties without an effective NOC result in costly project delays, endless stress, and severe vulnerabilities that endanger your business.

Through a range of NOC solutions tailored to your technology environment and operational workflow, we help you take charge of your infrastructure support. Proactively monitoring, detecting, and measuring the service availability and network performance of your infrastructure and support operations is critical to high-quality assistance, whether we’re assisting you from our 24×7 NOC locations or optimizing and developing your on-site NOCs. Comprehensive network, server, and application monitoring and a robust operational architecture provide detailed metrics and visibility, allowing our or your monitoring teams to respond fast and optimize for peak support execution.

Overcome Infrastructure Challenges
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    NOC Services Tailored to Your Needs 

    We provide consultations for planning and establishing new NOCs and enhancing the efficiency of existing NOCs, based on our experience successfully building NOC operations with the best reputation across all business categories. Our NOC design team creates a workflow that ensures you have good operational visibility, including thorough reports and data, to run the NOC successfully and efficiently.

    Our NOC Design services include the following:

    • Examining the requirements for greenfield NOC deployments
    • Evaluation of current NOC operations
    • Services for layout and optimization
    • Processes of Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Continual Service Improvement is being implemented
    NOC Services
    Delivering on SLAs with Advanced Metrics

    Business decisions are based on data. Protected Harbor has a team of professionals who evaluate data generated by alarms and tickets on our clients’ environments to find crucial business indicators. Our analyses give our clients in-depth information on their network architecture and help them make crucial decisions.

    We recognize the importance of response and resolution timeframes to you. We will work with you to create success measures and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) before delivering the promise.

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