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With Protected Harbor’s thorough Pen-Tests, you can close every single vulnerability before it harms your company and meets your compliance goals. Designed by Protected Harbor to improve, unify, standardize, identify, and eliminate vulnerabilities faster and more efficiently.

It’s a crucial procedure that provides firms with visibility into actual security concerns. By attacking vulnerabilities and supplying remediation instructions, penetration testing lets you uncover security weaknesses in your system before a hacker does.

What Needs to be Fixed
Know What Needs to be Fixed: When and How.
Most penetration tests will provide you with a massive list of issues with little information on how to address them or where to begin.

Isn’t that helpful?

By using an industry-standard ranking process, Protected Harbor generates a prioritized list of concerns depending on the exploitability and significance of each result.

Why Your Company Needs a Pen-Test?
Because threats are constantly developing, every organization should commission penetration testing at least once a year, but more frequently if:

  • You are making significant infrastructure changes
  • A new product or service launches
  • A company merger or acquisition is taking place
  • You are getting ready to meet security requirements
  • There is large commercial contract bidding
  • You are customizing and creating applications
Needs a Pen Test
Workflow Events Logged Daily
Petabytes of Data Storage Managed
Standard Procedures
What can you Expect?

An authorized attempt to breach and get access to a company’s data assets is called a penetration test. Its goal is to find weaknesses so that they can be found and fixed before any potential cyber attack.

Each finding has a complete description, proof of concept, and an actionable remedial strategy. We’ll also provide insight into the effort required to correct the results because we realize that risk severity is only one element in prioritizing remediation activities.

Fix Vulnerabilities Before Cybercriminals Exploit Them

Demonstrating a Continuous Commitment to Security
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Real-World Solutions

Protected Harbor’s Penetration Testing Services team will mimic a real-world assault on your networks, apps, devices, and people to show you how secure your critical systems and infrastructure are plus what it will take to strengthen them.

Real World Solutions
Understand Common Security Vulnerabilities

Protected Harbor provides comprehensive Penetration Testing Services that are intended to find system weaknesses, confirm the effectiveness of current security measures, and present a clear remedial roadmap.

Some vulnerabilities are simply undetectable by automated software. Protected Harbor’s security penetration testing services help you to understand and drastically minimize your organization’s cyber security risk.

Our team is prepared to provide a thorough checkup to identify system vulnerabilities as well as flaws in application, service, OS, loopholes in configurations, and potentially dangerous non-compliance with security policies. Our team is outfitted with the newest tools and industry-specific test scenarios.

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