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Protected Harbor Provides Protected Cloud Services

The majority of enterprises now operate in a hybrid multi-cloud environment, relying on both public cloud services and traditional applications as well as data centers. If this characterizes your company, you’re probably looking for ways to extend the benefits of the public cloud across your whole IT infrastructure, assuming that the only way to do so is to convert your old apps to the private cloud.

Protected Harbor provides a superior alternative for your company. Our VMware-based cloud solutions offer multi-tenancy and consumption-based pricing. In both public and managed private cloud domains, they also offer self-service, rapid provisioning, and automation.

Create Your Own Cloud
Create Your Own Cloud With Complete Control And Security
A private cloud solution is frequently the best choice for workloads that require a dedicated cloud environment to meet rigorous performance requirements as well as security and compliance standards. You have complete control over your infrastructure, data, and apps with a private cloud. All TierPoint data centers offer private cloud hosting options.


Our cloud professionals collaborate with our customers to both tailor and build the finest private cloud for their needs. With a number of options for three-tier converged and hyperconverged cloud infrastructures, we provide a lot of flexibility. A mix-and-match or software-defined strategy makes hybrid IT infrastructures easier to manage while meeting your isolation, performance, availability, and scalability goals.

Protected Harbor Private Cloud Features and Benefits
Protected Harbor’s private cloud computing consulting services include a number of elements that provide end-users with numerous benefits, like proprietary architecture and a private internal network/resources. Some of these are security, privacy, reliability, control, cost-effectiveness, and cloud bursting. 


  • Security and Privacy: Through solutions such as dedicated leased lines and on-premise hosting, the private cloud, also known as the internal cloud, provides a higher level of security and privacy than the public cloud.
  • Reliability: The introduction of virtualized operating environments ensures that the network is resilient to any physical infrastructure faults.
  • Control: Because it is particular to that firm, a private cloud allows for more control and provides a customized solution.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A private cloud model ensures cost-effectiveness by better allocating resources within a business. Another feature is the reduction of the organization’s carbon footprint.
  • Cloud Bursting: Guarantees that non-critical functions be transferred to a public cloud during spikes in demand, freeing up additional space in the private cloud for sensitive functions.
Private Cloud Features and Benefits
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Integrated Framework to Modernize.

We are uniquely qualified to handle your company’s managed private cloud requirements. We offer the most up-to-date computation, storage, and network technology in an as-a-service approach. This increases flexibility and makes the transition from a CapEx to an OpEx model easier. With a pay-as-you-go concept and no long-term commitment, Protected Harbor Private Cloud allows you to scale up and down capacity as needed.

Integrated Framework to Modernize.
Elevate Your Multi-Cloud Strategy with Robust Public Cloud Services

With private cloud and multi-cloud designs that integrate a public cloud service, you may transform your IT infrastructure and empower creativity. Make applications globally available and rapidly provision hyper-scalable resources, such as specialized computing and enormous storage. Pay as you go with a private cloud service and avoid having to worry about hardware.

Protected Harbor’s cloud experience enables multi-cloud and hybrid-enabled solutions that incorporate hyper-scale clouds like Azure and AWS. Our private cloud services cover all aspects of the cloud path to IT transformation, including cloud strategy and planning, cloud migration, cloud deployment, cloud management, cloud security, and optimization.

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