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Your digital workplace requires services that can supply cloud-based desktops and social collaboration tools in a fully managed bundle since it is more agile than ever. With an automated rollout that improves user experience plus makes adoption, provisioning, and management easier on public, hybrid, or private clouds, remote desktop protocol accelerates the supply of contemporary workspaces.

Our technology can speed up desktop provisioning for new users within a day and decrease your time to market. With no upfront costs, our remote desktop services offer flexibility, scalability, and agility while offering mobile and remote workers immediate access to their PCs.

Highly Integrated Remote Desktop Solution
Highly Integrated Remote Desktop Solution
Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) does not support collaboration, auditing, reporting, centralized management, or full identity management integration.


RDP is also intended for remote access over a local network (LAN). It typically takes VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunneling, port-forwarding, and firewall configurations that compromise security, such as opening the default listening port, TCP 3389, to establish remote desktop connections to machines on distant networks.


Thankfully, RDP in Protected Harbor allows you to solve these issues. Each remote desktop connection receives the full benefits of appliance-based security when routed through our secure servers, giving you more possibilities for collaboration.

Why Protected Harbor for Your Remote Desktop?
In addition to secure connections and two-factor authentication, the company also offers a secure remote access solution. This protects remote connections to company networks, desktops, and data from malicious threats like ransomware. The software also provides advanced logging and reporting for compliance, troubleshooting, and monitoring of remote connections.


By combining the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this solution offers advanced session monitoring and recording, allowing for a more controlled environment with less risk of a data breach. By monitoring the RDP protocol with AI, Protected Harbor can detect the actions of malicious users and prevent them from stealing data. This type of RDP monitoring is essential for companies with remote employees to have in place.

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Simplified Working Experience

Your remote work experience is more accessible thanks to intuitive usability and a wealth of options. Do not be concerned about limited internet connections or device compatibility issues such as connections between Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux computers. Whether at home, on the go, in a hotel, or somewhere else, our RDP offers quick, easy, and safe access to remote desktops. You can connect remotely through Protected Harbor Remote Desktop if you have an internet connection.

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Seamless and Time-Saving 

You can work from home using Protected Harbor RDP, which offers the quickest and most secure solution. With just two clicks, create a fast connection to your remote desktop. Numerous practical features can help you save time.

Work seamlessly from several devices that are all connected to the same PC. Your iPad, Android phone, or any other device will ensure that you stay connected even if your Windows computer needs to apply an update.

Organizing meetings, making presentations, and having different people view your screen are additional ways to stay connected.

Seamless and Time Saving
We Promise you the Best, Always.

Protected Harbor RDP enables you to work from anywhere and enhances your remote working experience.  You will always have access to the most outstanding remote desktop solution available because of our constant innovation, which enables us to deliver upgrades and new feature releases regularly.

The industry standard for security is the Protected RDP level. AES (256-bit) session encryption and RSA public/private key exchange provide complete protection of all distant connections and data transfers.

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