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Find the cutting-edge IT solutions, servers, storage, and software you need to prepare your company for the future. Scale-up and out with unrivaled uptime, quick recovery, and flexible consumption.

Protected Harbor Scaling Infrastructure is designed for optimal performance and compatibility. Our servers, storage, and networking are coupled with best-of-breed partner components to provide a differentiated portfolio. Protected Harbor integration allows companies to operate fast and reliably with end-to-end solutions and support.

Straightforward Solutions
Straightforward Solutions
Protected Harbor’s Scalable Infrastructure is a framework for designing, manufacturing, integrating, and delivering data center solutions, focusing on HPC and AI environments.
We create creative, customized, and fully supported solutions using best-recipe interoperability validation, rack-level testing, and factory integration. Clients may concentrate on maximizing time to production and generating business value due to this.
Deployment Services
  • Component Interoperability— Protected Harbor thoroughly examines and optimizes the available OEM components as a “best recipe” for reliability and performance.
  • Solution Design and Assurance — Our solutions are crafted to meet each client’s specific data center requirements.
  • Factory Integration – To reduce risk during installation, our system hardware is stacked on the factory floor and validated for performance at the rack level.
  • Setup – Customers can arrange for qualified Protected Harbor specialists to install the system on-site.
Deployment Services
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Prepare your business to evolve with Protected Harbor’s Scaling Infrastructure Services.

You obtain a secure and managed infrastructure on which to construct your applications and acquire data intelligence with the correct technologies in place – the ones that enhance your business.

Deliver technology at max velocity with strategic architectures and sound governance, so you can meet today’s needs while also evolving for the future.

Accelerate Your Business

Infrastructure Solutions to Achieve Your Business Transformation Goals
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Business Continuity is a Priority

Make downtime and business interruptions a thing of the past.

We all know that downtime is inconvenient and costly, $5,600 per minute on average. Business continuity is vital for the firm due to lost productivity, time-sensitive delays, and the unfathomable loss of reputation.

Use a cloud-based, remote backup and disaster recovery solution that is simple and cost-effective. Protected Harbor infrastructure services emphasize your intense demands, reducing the dangers of doing business.

Strengthen Risk Management
Server Auditing & Optimization

As businesses grow and evolve, their IT infrastructure and operations change too, which means that IT teams need to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of their environment.

Protected Harbor provides industry leaders, large and small, with a diverse selection of traditional yet professional software development services based on proven processes and practices. Our service options focus on our clients’ individual needs throughout each development cycle, guaranteeing the most efficient and professional use of available resources.

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