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Time is a precious asset. By delegating network management to us, you’ll have more time to focus on your most important objectives. We’ll make sure your network is reliable, up to date, secure, and running at the speed of your business as a trusted partner with decades of experience managing worldwide networks.

Protected Harbor Networks manage the entire network life cycle for total network administration, including design, implementation, integration, monitoring, network operations, and moves, adds, changes, and deletes (MACD).

Our professionals will manage, monitor, change control, and assist your network operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind… So let us take care of your network while you concentrate on your business.

Progressive Businesses
Progressive Businesses Need Managed Network Services
Companies can benefit from managed network services to improve the performance of their network infrastructure. Our Protected Harbor network engineers may assist IT organizations in running more efficiently by managing their networks intelligently through careful planning and testing. Small firms can also improve process efficiency by employing an on-demand approach, where they pay only when a specific set of requirements is met.

We offer fully secure and managed network services as well as infrastructure. When you collaborate with our next-generation networks, you get reliable enterprise connectivity solutions and a deep understanding of domestic network difficulties. In addition, to create a unified IT and data center environment, we have ten carrier-neutral data centers and five cloud grids situated around the country.

Unrivaled and Tailored Services
Protected Harbor can help you manage your whole network landscape, drive business performance, protect your assets, and improve the overall customer experience by delivering real white-glove, end-to-end managed network services.

  • Cost Control: Because Protected Harbor manages many networks for multiple businesses, managed network services are offered on a fixed-cost basis with lower upgrading expenses.
  • Timely Maintenance: Network services provide faster upgrades, backed by sophisticated infrastructure that allows preventative maintenance inspections to ensure continual improvements.
  • Network Security: Protected Harbor enables data security with a policy-secured setup for essential business applications, providing network protection against viruses, spam, malware, and other intrusions.
  • Network Availability: Managed networks commit to offering a high level of network availability that benefits businesses by guaranteeing uptime levels between 99.999% and 100%.
  • Improved Monitoring to Drive Performance: Realize your business’ actual productivity with managed network services that help to reduce network glitches and downtime.
Tailored Services
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Expert Managed Network Services

Protected Harbor managed security solution delivers enterprise protection for companies of all sizes at a fraction of the expense of equivalent internal systems. From online and mobile endpoints to wireless support and VPN access, our security professionals can design security policies and access credentials. As your business evolves, our specialists will work with you to fine-tune your security monitoring and policies to ensure that your network is protected to the best level possible. Comprehensive reports keep you up to date on your security situation and give you insight into:

We Manage Network. You Manage Business.

Creating a Unified Network that Enables Smooth Corporate Functions
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Reliable Solutions for Everyone 

We provide customized physical security and managed network services to businesses across the US, from banks to education organizations, healthcare to warehouses, and retail to restaurants.

Supplying high-quality services at a lower total cost of ownership with the convenience of a single point of contact and more significant business insight via a streamlined integration of numerous technologies.

Protected Harbor is one of the few companies that offers complete network and physical security solutions from a single source.

Reliable Solutions
Network Transformation and Management

With complete data and voice management solutions backed by our team of specialists, you can improve operational and financial efficiencies.

These network transformation and outsourcing services help you improve network agility and business performance while lowering costs. They also help you minimize management complexity and boost capacity while reducing expenses. Protected Harbor network security delivers the experience, hardware, software, installation, setup, patch management, and continual upgrades needed to secure your network. You have access to a team of professional security specialists and tiered services with network security management.

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