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Service for building a new server from the ground up with the highest level of security and performance. A properly configured server may provide your hosting company with the finest speed and security, allowing you to grow your business and earn your clients’ trust.

We will ensure that any security flaws are closed to prevent any leakage of customer-sensitive data or break-ins to the server while adequately setting up a server. This design can integrate new apps into an existing server or create a hosting server from the ground up.

Server Setup & Configuration
Why Server Setup & Configuration – Protected Harbor Solutions
Because many hosting businesses oversell their systems and cram thousands of users onto the same web server, shared, web hosting is rapidly vanishing. The server’s and services’ reliability suffers as a result. Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or VPS hosting, have become a popular online hosting option for many organizations and individuals as an alternative to shared web hosting. Improved VPS performance and functionality deliver immediate value to a company.
Custom Server Solutions for Your Business
Protected Harbor’s highly experienced and certified specialists can configure servers and complete racks before shipping, saving time and money on onsite configuration.

We can assist with:

  • RAID configuration, BIOS and firmware upgrades, and hardware installation
  • Installation or imaging of the Network Operating System (NOS) on the server
  • Installation of software applications
  • Configuration of IP address and hostname
  • Configuration of remote management (e.g., HP iLO and Dell iDRAC)
  • Diagnostics and burn-in
  • Cabling and rack configuration
Custom Server Solutions
Standard Procedures
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Avg. Increase in Application Speed
End to End Management & Configuration

We’ll assist you with setting up and configuring a whole hosting server, including a web server, database server, and FTP (File Transfer Protocol), among other things. We can also assist you if you need a server with hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, or Directadmin.

Our Redhat and Microsoft certified professionals would ensure that your server and its components perform optimally. This strategy also includes the setup of container services like Docker. We have L1 – L3 level technicians to assist you with any server troubles or design.

If you require additional server administration assistance after the server setup, you can select a monthly server management service that meets your needs.

Hassle-Free Server Configuration

From Planning to Server Customization and Deployment.
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Configuration & Personalization

Customization and setup are required for hosting accounts. For account creation, customization, and design, experienced personnel collaborates with hosting vendors. We offer various hosting and server account setup services to our customers.

Configuring the Server:
Various server solutions are tailored to the client’s requirements. Firewalls, email accounts, automatic backups, and other services are frequently implemented. Here, hosting and servers can be adjusted.

Server Administration:
Clients can benefit from ongoing maintenance services to keep their hosting and server applications up to date. Hacking assaults are prevented with frequent upgrades, and downtime is kept minimum. Startups and established businesses might benefit from server maintenance services.

Configuration & Personalization
Server Auditing & Optimization

Organizations can profit from proper website hosting, domain registration, and email account setup. Choosing the correct server environment to streamline all communication for a business can be complex and costly, even though there are many possibilities these days.
With audits and patching, we ensure that the server is completely secure against DOS, DDOS, MALWARE, and other vulnerabilities. To assist you in getting the most out of your server, optimize the web server or database server to accommodate additional customers.

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