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Protected Harbor can assist you with the administration of your hosted server infrastructure. You can benefit from our server management services to concentrate on your core business. We can help you to reach your business goals and keep you focused on your core business by combining Server Management Services with your choice of hosted infrastructure.

Installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, and much more are all covered by Protected Harbor Server Management services. For a very reasonable cost, you get complete peace of mind

Proactive Server Management
Proactive Server Management
Businesses often overlook server management until issues arise, leaving them unaware of the latest trends and lacking the expertise to handle server technology. Yet, servers remain the backbone of IT infrastructure, requiring reliability, security, and round-the-clock accessibility to support growth. Protected Harbor offers 20+ years of expertise, delivering comprehensive server management services, including automated solutions for peak performance, 24/7
Dedicated Server Solutions for Your Business
General Features:

  • Server implementation by industry best practices, including server hardening.
  • Upon initial release, general baseline performance measures were completed and presented.
  • Account Representative Dedicated.
  • Troubleshoot server network connectivity, host load, and server operating systems issues as needed.
  • If necessary, reinstall the server’s operating system.
  • Database Service Support.
  • DNS Support.
Dedicated Server Solutions
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Virtual Servers

Our Managed Dedicated Servers Provide the Highest Level of Performance and Security

Monitor and Manage the Performance and Uptime
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Patching and Server Updates

  • Install updates and patches upon request.
  • A patching service is offered.
  • Every day, critical patches are installed.
  • Monthly patches are installed.
  • If necessary, scheduled server reboots the following patching: 
  1. Pre-patch report on the current status of upcoming patches upon request.
  2. Post-patch report on the application of the latest updates upon request.
Server Updates
Advanced Security Enabled

ServerSecure protection is available for fully managed Windows, and Linux dedicated servers, allowing you to optimize security settings. Get real-time threat monitoring to protect your website and server against unexpected attacks.

Get consolidated hosting management and system-level control for all of your websites and servers.

Take complete management control of your server environment with root-level access.

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