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Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most popular ways of getting your business up and running. SaaS is a subscription service that lets you download and use the software remotely, usually over the internet, rather than buying and installing it on your computer. It’s a great option for small businesses that don’t need the full functionality of a dedicated piece of software.

Protected Harbor with SaaS helps companies to outsource their software needs, using a remote team to create applications that meet their organizational needs.

Outsourcing Your Software Needs.
Outsourcing Your Software Needs.
One of the most important reasons to choose Protected Harbor is our honesty and ability to deliver value. We have worked with various businesses across multiple industries, and we have experienced and understand the importance of integrity and having trust in our own business.
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In contrast to traditional software, which is supplied as a licensed product with a one-time price (and often an optional ongoing support fee), our SaaS price is based on either a monthly or annual fee subscription, which allows companies to access business capabilities at a lower cost than licensed applications.
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For businesses, Software as a Service eliminates the need for installation, setup, and regular maintenance. SaaS often has a lower initial setup cost than enterprise software. Pricing is determined by specific usage characteristics, such as the number of users who utilize the application. As a result, SaaS allows for easy monitoring and automatic updates.


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We allow all users to access the same application instance and enable each user to customize their experience by choosing the data, services, and configuration that best suits their needs. SaaS models are ideal for companies requiring large numbers of users to access a centralized application.

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SaaS – Your Software Worries Are Over

SaaS has many advantages, but one of the most important is the ease with which it can be deployed and used. However, while SaaS is extremely easy to use, it is also very easy to make a mistake that can have serious consequences for your business.

In order to ensure that your SaaS deployment goes as planned and without problems, you need to have a clear understanding of the SaaS contract and what is expected of you.

Our SaaS solutions benefits include accessibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Accessibility is because the software can be accessed from any device, and scalability is because unlimited users can use the software. Cost-efficient, as we take care of everything from maintenance to billing, reduces the cost of ownership.

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