Software Development

Protected Harbor is not just a software company; we are a technology company. we work with you to create your company’s growth strategy. We provide software & solutions for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors. We effectively manage your entire business using business software and other IT Solution.

We are well-established Technology Company located in Orangeburg, NY. We aspire to serve our clients by providing world-class Software and Information Technology Services. We are a team of highly qualified IT professionals. We are into the creation of next-generation Software and Technology solutions to meet that very specific requirement that you have.

As a software development company, we always aim to offer you top-quality software solutions. Protected Harbor are among the best companies for Software Development service in the USA, we have special expertise in coding, designing, programming, testing, and then delivering different software solutions to our clients.

We cater to the major companies with our Software Development Service. The industries which we `serve are Legal agencies, Technology corporations, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Entertainment, and media houses. We have great technical expertise in all business domains. We know how to redefine the business processes to reap the best results.

We have a pre-defined process for Software Development which involves coding, programming, testing, and fixing of bugs detected, with this lifecycle our software development process is completely reliable and offer defect-free software application to our clients.

our Software Development Service

Custom Application Development
Web App Development
Application Migration
Mobile App Development

All employees and contractors can access their applications, desktops, and data from anywhere, keeping them productive, no matter where they work.


Rapidly scale up and down depending on your business needs, whether that’s M& A, staffing temporary workers, managing contractors (developers), or deploying branch offices.

Cost control

Pay for only what you use through monthly or yearly subscription models. Plus reduce capital expenses and enjoy more predictable operational expenses.


Protected Harbor provides a Daas secure access point for users and simplifies desktop and app management processes and procedures.