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The Protected Harbor IT storage system uses GPU processing power and innovative algorithms to provide unrivaled performance, robustness, and efficiency at a low total cost of ownership. Our solution offers to block, file, and object data types in a single system, allowing businesses to consolidate storage and expand the system fast and efficiently as their needs change.

Furthermore, because the system runs on industry-standard hardware, its capabilities will continue to increase as new technologies become available. Together with simpler management, these features enable enterprises to deploy, maintain, and scale the Protected Harbor storage system without disruption.

Leverage Technology
Leverage Technology with Consistency
Technology that is Industry Standard. It uses the most sophisticated storage drives and is designed to capitalize on new technology as it becomes available.


When you partner with Protected Harbor, you gain access to our professional expertise and our extensive experience as facility managers. We will never give advice that we wouldn’t follow.

Custom Storage Solutions for Your Business
The exponential rise of data has created an unprecedented demand for high-quality storage solutions in recent years. Enterprises have optimized their storage solutions because of new storage technologies such as DE Duplication, Tie Ring, and Unified Storage.

Our Storage Solutions:


  • Setting up fresh storage for use in the environment on a project-by-project basis
  • Monitoring and reporting on storage availability, performance, and utilization
  • Patch management services include firmware, hardware, and software upgrades based on OEM recommendations
  • Storage hardware management entails routine storage device maintenance
  • Replication of data sets and storage objects and resource provisioning.
  • Infrastructure solutions such as replication and mirroring are configured and deployed
  • Solutions for virtualization
  • Services for backup and recovery
  • Infrastructure solutions such as replication and mirroring are configured and deployed
  • Solutions for virtualization
  • Services for backup and recovery
Custom Storage Solutions for Your Business
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Reduce Development Time and Increase Value

Protected Harbor offers end-to-end storage solutions that include IT Service Management Lifecycle, storage standards, protocols, system software, Application Support Services, and in-house infrastructure (connectivity, tools, labs, compliance, and certification). We minimize product development cycles for faster time to market by combining decades of experience in Storage and Compute Systems with the skills of a dedicated team of engineers.

Reduce Development Time
Storage Management Made Easier

With storage management solutions, users can save time by automating processes, using centralized consoles, or signing in remotely.

It can also lower the number of IT personnel required to manage the storage system. Storage management can also make it easier to administer virtualized or cloud environments from a single location.

The performance of existing storage resources is one of the critical goals of storage management. Compressing data, for example, can significantly reduce storage requirements while also improving file transfer speeds. The time it takes to provision storage resources can be reduced by using automatic storage provisioning.

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