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With cloud-grade, high-density network switching throughout your data center, campus, and branch, you can improve user and application experiences while controlling networking costs. Protected Harbor’s Switches enable agile, dependable, and scalable networks with AI-powered automation and insights.

Protected Harbor Switches and Routers are cloud-ready, high-performance access and aggregation/core layer switches created specifically for your business. Managed switches for advanced control and unmanaged switches for plug-and-play simplicity. Without sacrificing performance, quality, or innovation, you can reduce risk and cost by using wired access networks.

Services for Switching
Protected Harbor Services for Switching
As you move to a digital-ready network foundation that is simple, automated, intelligent, and secure, our services enable you to integrate new switches into your network over ethernet safely.

Our experienced consultants will help you speed deployment and maximize network performance by providing a complete lifecycle of services and end-to-end expert support including media access control mac address. With ease and confidence, adopt and implement new switching solutions into your network.

Leveraging Switches for Innovation
Network switching is a fundamental component of modern network infrastructures. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the dependable transmission of data and control signals across the network, including efficiently handling media access control MAC addresses. Whether in the context of managed switches, which offer advanced control and monitoring capabilities, or unmanaged switches designed for simplicity, switching is integral to any network.

When network switching experiences disruptions or downtime, the entire network can suffer negative consequences. That’s why a robust system, like one equipped with a Protected Harbor environment, capable of monitoring the data link layer and managing the health of both managed and unmanaged switches, is essential for maintaining a stable and reliable network.

Our lives are safer, faster, and easier with IP devices. Use Protected Harbor’s switch advancements to support any device in any environment across your entire company. 

  • Better investment return.
  • Deployment is simple and quick.
  • There is no complication or disturbance.
Switches for Innovation
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Digital Transformation Network Switch Technology

With built-in redundancy, high availability, and low latency, our network switches provide secure, high-performing virtual networking for cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. Robust security keeps your data safe from external threats, while monitoring and reporting enables you to remotely monitor and troubleshoot network issues.

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Management and Advisory 

Our technological professionals can optimize the performance of your network infrastructure. Integrate Protected Harbor Networking technologies into your network to accelerate deployment and reduce risk.

We create a blueprint for success with strategic consulting, professional advising, design, and validation.

Management and Advisory
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With the appropriate switches and routers for you, you can get work done faster, more innovative, and securely. Close the gap between what your company needs and your network can provide.

Centralized support improves network uptime and dependability by allowing complicated issues to be resolved quickly.

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