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Protected Harbor assists firms in adapting to the constantly changing business landscape brought on by employees shifting to remote work. Enterprise digital transformation was hastened by the need to communicate and cooperate from anywhere and at any time.

We provide a comprehensive set of cloud-based communications and collaboration products and services to meet this shift. By supporting conferencing services, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud services, and enhanced customer experience, we provide organizations with a tangible competitive advantage to help them exceed employee expectations and re-invent customer engagement in a mobile world.

Collaboration Solution
All-in-One Collaboration Solution
Teamwork means working together and our collaboration solution puts people, projects, and procedures together in one location to improve team and employee efficiency. Employees spend roughly three hours every day on email, so they must be able to collaborate successfully on any platform, including laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, and web browsers.

Protected Harbor will change the way you work. With a full range of team collaboration options including calling, messaging, meetings, and integration, you can improve your workstreams and stay connected.

Accelerate Team Collaboration
Accelerate workflows and projects for businesses of any size with a real-time collaboration and true-to-reality simulation platform.


Global Connectivity

Allow employees to collaborate in real-time, using their favorite tools.

Faster Production Time

Allow for the most revisions at no cost to the user, resulting in quicker design cycles and higher-end quality.

Global Business Support

To keep projects on track, minimize system downtime, and enhance system utilization and user productivity.

Team Collaboration
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End-User Safety

Keep end-users and systems safe from today’s phishing, ransomware, and email viruses. Filtering features to boost productivity by removing spam and assessing messages for offensive material.

We’re wired to make connections. To streamline your workday, pair with room endpoints for device control and integrate your favorite third-party apps into your existing workflows.

Team Collaboration Has Never Been Easier

Using Collaboration on Mobile Devices Keeps the Business Connected.
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Build Teams; Manage Projects

Centralized project information improves team productivity, especially in mobile environments. Better collaboration can be facilitated through team contact and online project management.

When users access corporate resources, multifactor authentication is required, even while using offline mobile devices. Maintain endpoint compliance with security requirements, particularly for host apps.

Manage Projects
Collaboration is the Key to Success

When all key participants work together and have easy access to what they require, goals become accomplishments in a flash. Protected Harbor’s team and enterprise collaboration solutions bring departments, project teams, and regions together.

Our team collaboration solutions are designed on a cloud-hosted SaaS platform and have enhanced capabilities you can rely on. Protected Harbor aims to provide organizations with the most comprehensive, secure, and dependable communications and collaboration platform. With on-site installation, in-depth training, and support, we offer a personalized onboarding experience.

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