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Advanced threat protection with endpoint security, network security, systems, and apps begins with AI-powered advanced persistent threat detection and intrusion prevention systems response available 24×7.

Organizations realize how tough it is to detect attacks and manage the complexities of corporate security as cyber-attacks grow in quantity and sophistication. Organizations must successfully monitor and identify breaches, find new attack vectors, remediate vulnerabilities, and aggressively hunt for threat actors as cyber problems evolve while preserving data security. Learn how our advanced threat detection solution can help.

Advanced Threat Detection
Advanced Threat Detection & Response
Protected Harbor’s Threat Detection & Response gives you more visibility and better detection with network traffic analysis. With advanced features like machine learning, behavioral analysis, and embedded cyber intelligence, this continually changing cybersecurity platform guards against today’s and tomorrow’s most sophisticated threats.

Other Threat detection and response providers merely send you alerts when attacks or suspicious events occur. Then it’s up to you to take care of the rest.
An elite team of threat hunters and response experts with Protected Harbor Advanced Threat Detection & Response backs your organization. They take targeted steps on your behalf to neutralize suspicious files and even the most complex attacks.

Stay Ahead of Threats
Protected Harbor provides you with a well-trained team of danger hunters and response specialists who will:

  • Investigate and validate potential risks and situations proactively.
  • Determine the breadth and severity of risks using all available information.
  • Use relevant business context for valid threats.
  • Take steps to disrupt, contain, and neutralize dangers from afar.
  • Give practical recommendations on dealing with the fundamental cause of recurring problems.
Stay Ahead of Threats
Malicious Connections Blocked Daily
Client Retention Rate
Avg. Increase in Application Speed
Comprehensive Protection Without the Complication

By leveraging our increasing range of solid APIs and third-party integrations, our threat detection & response solutions fit easily into your security stack.

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection and Response from Protected Harbor is part of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions that handle the whole threat management lifecycle with turnkey support for top endpoint security and network security technologies, removing vendor lock-in.

Threat Identification, Containment, and Reaction at a High Rate

Detect and Respond to Risks Before They Impact on Your Business
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Scale Up, Improve Resilience & Be More Confident

Start with a team of seasoned threat analysts, Digital Forensic, and Incident Response (DFIR) experts monitoring your environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With Protected Harbor technologies, internal and external threat information, forensic tools, network traffic analysis, intrusion prevention systems, and threat hunting, you can detect attacks and stop them sooner and more effectively.

Improve Resilience
Transparency and Complete Control

We do the work, but the decisions are yours to make. This means you have complete control over how and when potential problems are escalated, what reaction measures, if any, we should take, and who should be notified. Weekly and monthly updates keep you informed about what’s going on in your environment and what safety precautions have been taken.

Protected Harbor combines machine learning technology with expert analysis for improved threat hunting and detection, more profound study of alarms, and targeted actions to eradicate threats with speed and precision, thanks to our sophisticated technology.

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