Protected Harbor has a wide range of desktop virtualization solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our Virtual Apps and Desktops solution makes Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) easy to use and economical, ensuring that users have access to the apps they need to be productive in today’s digital workplaces. It may offer the greatest possible VDI experience by giving employees full and secure access to everything they need to stay productive from anywhere when used in conjunction with Protected Harbor Workspace.

Next-Gen Desktop
Next-Gen Desktop Virtualization
Simply described, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is desktop virtualization. Desktop (or client) virtualization is similar to server virtualization, but it applies to end-user computers. Virtualization separates the end user’s desktop environment from the existing system on which it appears. Client-server computing is an example of desktop virtualization. The virtualized desktop is stored on a central server rather than the virtualized machine.


This allows desktop users to access their desktop from any device, such as a laptop or a home computer. Client virtualization has security benefits in addition to enabling flexibility. For example, it’s far easier for IT to remove company data from a user’s machine if lost or stolen.

Why Protected Harbor for Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?
We have one of the most comprehensive VDI portfolios in the business. It includes a wide range of client and data center solutions, services, and products from key technology partners. The sheer breadth of the portfolio allows you unprecedented options in finding a bespoke VDI solution that exactly meets your organization’s needs, whether delivered on-premises, off-premises, or from the cloud. Protected Harbor is the quickest on-ramp to VDI because it offers one-stop shopping for a whole VDI environment.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Increase Efficiency & Security

Allow users to access their desktops and programs from any location, at any time, on any device. Without causing user disruption, quickly install and scale new or updated applications and desktop operating systems.

Keep data, virtual desktops, and applications in your secure data center and control to protect your IP under the policy.

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Who Can Use VDI? 

During the pandemic’s forced lockdown, many businesses quickly embraced VDI to enable remote working. Enterprises may administer and update VDIs from a centralized server and offer remote access to the user’s workspace.
Remote workers, contractors, shift/task users, instructors, students, healthcare professionals, salespeople, call centers, and other users can use VDI to access their remote desktops from any place. You can deploy persistent or non-persistent VDIs depending on use case scenarios, nature of work, and user needs.

End to End Managed Virtual Desktop Services

The Protected Harbor VDS offers the best of both worlds, combining the ease and speed of a cloud solution with the security of on-prem. It delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and centralized management to help your organization stay organized and productive. The VDS also offers flexible licensing so you can try it risk-free.

Design, scaling, security, updates, patches, management, and any other desktop-related activities are all handled by Protected Harbor. With our fully managed desktops, you can concentrate on your primary activities. Our job doesn’t end with setting up your VDI environment; we also provide ongoing technical assistance, audits, and checks to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues.

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