Wireless networks are an essential component of today’s corporate solutions. Customers and employees access corporate networks as well as the internet through wireless devices such as cellphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Get the WLAN infrastructure your company needs to grow without diverting IT resources from their core responsibilities. Put our 20+ years of Wi-Fi and WLAN experience to work for you. We create, optimize, and implement networks for companies of all sizes. Our software capabilities enable us to adapt our solutions to your technical environment through custom development and integration services.

Technology to Work
Put Technology to Work
Protected Harbor’s comprehensive services portfolio provides unrivaled wireless data, industry-leading best practices, and cutting-edge automation solutions to help you accelerate your network transformation.

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a strategy for accelerating deployment while reducing risk and interruption as well as maximize your network performance by providing a complete lifecycle of services and end-to-end expert guidance.

Wireless LAN project services by Protected Harbor:
  • Analysis of technical and business requirements.
  • Design, installation, and maintenance project management.
  • A wide choice of prominent vendors’ equipment is available.
  • Services for network integration.
  • Formal RF design services are available to guarantee coverage and capacity are matched to your needs.
  • A whole variety of WLAN installation and commissioning services are available.
  • Services for visitor and amenity networks that are managed.
  • Verification services after installation to verify service quality.
  • Existing network troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Passive and active site surveys.
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Real-Time Management

We’re always looking for ways to improve performance, reduce costs and make our services more reliable.

When one of your devices isn’t working the way it should, we won’t just let it go. Instead, we’ll work with you to troubleshoot and repair the issue. With our services constantly monitoring and maintaining your devices, we can react quickly if something were to go wrong.

If you experience any technical issues with your Protected Harbor account, you can contact our technical support team which is available 24/7/365.

Real-Time Management
Achieve Business Goals and Increase Productivity

Branch offices, businesses on any scale, campuses, and multi-site organizations all benefit from our WLAN services as it grows with your company from a single access point to thousands over an extensive network.

You will receive everything you need for successful connectivity when you work with Protected Harbor. With over 20 years of expertise mastering managed connectivity, our array of included services eliminates all of the delays, hassles, and headaches clients face when working with other providers or doing it themselves.

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