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Many files with sensitive information, such as patient health records, tax returns, confidential legal documents, or other financial or corporate filings, require a greater level of security than provided through most email services.

Protected Harbor’s Secure Email Delivery Service and Managed IT/Private Cloud Service guarantees secure, private, and encrypted delivery of files. This level of security places a blanket of protection over your sensitive attachments from unauthorized viewing. The Secure Email Delivery Service meets all HIPAA and ISO9000 requirements for data protection and encryption.

Manage Risks, Reduce Costs

With our cloud-based managed Email security platforms, we’ll protect your network and users from a major source of security attacks, keep Emails that should be inside your company and securely archive your Emails. Our platforms intercept mail before it ever reaches your servers or hosted Email accounts.

This service can be used to safely transmit patient records, tax returns, legal documents, and any other sensitive materials.

The Secure Email Delivery Service can auto-expire documents and can provide positive delivery confirmation.

This simple yet highly effective service is provided to our support clients as an optional service and comes with a step-by-step user’s manual for this simple yet highly effective service.


All employees and contractors can access their applications, desktops, and data from anywhere, keeping them productive, no matter where they work.


Rapidly scale up and down depending on your business needs, whether that’s M& A, staffing temporary workers, managing contractors (developers), or deploying branch offices.

Cost control

Pay for only what you use through monthly or yearly subscription models. Plus reduce capital expenses and enjoy more predictable operational expenses.


Protected Harbor provides a Daas secure access point for users and simplifies desktop and app management processes and procedures.