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Prior Speaking Events

Organization: LegalWeek
Date of presentation: 23 Mar 2023
Topic: Cybersecurity
Description: Our CEO, Richard Luna, spoke on the most recent cybersecurity risks at Legal Week 2023, including their causes and preventative measures. He talked about practical takeaways from a cyberattack incident response, the best ways to protect client data and confidential client communications, and how to keep a business operating despite an attack.

Organization: WABC Radio
Date of presentation: 10/18/2022
Topic: Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Description: Richard Luna, CEO of Protected Harbor, was recently featured on Bernie & Sid in the Morning, a popular radio show. He was there to talk about Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the importance of cybersecurity in today’s world. Visit us Click Here, Luna gave some tips on staying safe online and shared some of the latest cybersecurity threats that businesses and individuals should be aware of. Richard and WABC Radio host Sid Rosenberg talked about cyber-attacks impact on businesses, the government, and individuals’ lives. They discussed how to protect yourself online and the importance of having a plan in place in a cyber-attack.

Organization: HIMMS
Date of presentation: 16 March 2022
Topic: Healthcare Cybersecurity ’22: New Threats & How to Stop Them
Description: Richard Luna talked at HIMSS22 about healthcare cybersecurity and the new threats that healthcare organizations must be aware of. He discussed how cybercriminals constantly evolve their tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in healthcare systems and emphasized the need for healthcare organizations to stay vigilant and proactive in their cybersecurity efforts.


Organization: Small Business Expo
Date of presentation: 18 Aug 2022
Topic: Stop With the I.T. Nonsense
Description: Protected Harbor CEO, Richard Luna, and Director of Marketing, Matt Clark, speak at the 2022 New York Small Business Expo. Are you frustrated, pissed off, and fed up with bad IT support and MSPs? We give away all the industry secrets IT companies don’t want you to know. Learn what tech trends are helping businesses grow in 2022, and how to turn IT into a competitive advantage instead of a headache. This workshop will walk through small business cybersecurity best practices, leading business tech trends, and the world of MSP myths.

Organization: HIMMS
Date of presentation: 18 Aug 2021
Topic: Application Outage
Description:  Our CEO discussed at HIMSS21 why Applications and Data Centers, especially Medical and Healthcare applications become slow and crash. What are the underlaying causes and how to fix them.