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Data-Driven Change Management
The data-driven approach to the change management process used by Protected Harbor optimizes change resources while tailoring assistance to your employees needs. We use the most recent behavioral research to influence workplace behaviors, promote digital adoption, and speed up change, resulting in a workforce that is more “upskilled,” agile, and resilient.


In order to succeed in the competitive corporate climate of today, digital transformation is essential, and end-user acceptance is the key to any successful initiative. But how can you get your employees ready for this change?


The people side of change is the main emphasis of our Organizational Change Management (OCM) services. We’ll develop and carry out a thorough plan that facilitates employee adoption and sustainability of new software, technology, or processes by getting a clear grasp of your current situation and anticipated future state.

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Unmatched Organizational Change Management
People-Centric Change Management Approach
Increase the value of transformation by capturing the return on investment that is influenced by people and fostering a successful adoption.
Our systems are designed for scale to accommodate changes in storage and workflow demands by combining the right virtual machine and network monitoring tools.
We don’t take over your IT department; instead, we supplement it with knowledge, strategy planning, tools, employees, and other resources.
Maximize performance with server management services, including installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, and more.
Our VMware-based hybrid cloud solutions offer multi-tenancy and consumption-based pricing.
Stay relevant in the marketplace, improve efficiency, and make sure your team has the tools they need to be successful.
Our Compliance and Risk Management Services help you drive strategy, capabilities, and performance.
Strategic Change Management Services
Organizations undergo transformation in order to address important concerns. Human components to altering behaviors, work practices, and workplace culture are also crucial to the success of that journey, in addition to the organization’s vision, strategic objectives, and capacity for change:

  • Are your leaders and key players on board with the changes, goals, and are committed to implementing them?
  • Does your workforce have the skills necessary to support the transformation you want? If not, how are you going to develop those skills?
  • Does your organization’s culture encourage the proper actions and help others to believe in the same things?

Along with more general organizational and analytical considerations, focusing on these human aspects is what makes transformations successful and increases their worth.

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Enable Learning with Change and Transformation

Even if you have all the new technology, procedures, and knowledge necessary for a significant transition in place, failure is still a possibility. According to studies, people play a greater than 60% role in the success of a project. If you don’t consider this, your program’s credibility may be challenged, executive alignment may be weak, collaboration may be lacking, morale may be low, and standardization may be tough to achieve.

With the help of stakeholder management, targeted messaging, organizational alignment, and support for training and learning, we can help you to lower uncertainty, resistance, and expensive employee turnover. Across a wide range of sectors and transformation projects, we collaborate to save costs, boost productivity, and synchronize teams.

Change Management Services for New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut Businesses

Through An Asset-Led Approach That is Adapted to Specific Industry + Functional Demands, We Create Change.
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Protected Change Management
Change is Essential

Change is necessary, but it is not always easy. Around 50% of change management initiatives and 75% of significant transformations fall short of their goals. With the aid of change management advice from Protected Harbor, businesses may overcome these improbable challenges.

Companies can reinvent themselves in response to new possibilities and challenges, which encourages increased participation in and sincere implementation of crucial transformation initiatives. Because of their flexibility, organizations can sharpen their competitive edge.

Our change management experts use methods and tools that combine artificial intelligence, behavioral science, deep learning, and data analytics to realize the full potential of transformation. Our Smart Simplicity idea, which asserts that comprehending people’s behaviors and the environment in which they operate minimizes complexity and enhances performance, forms the basis for these guiding principles.

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