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Cloud adoption is inevitable. However, with proper planning, it can be managed and made safer. Protected Harbor ensures that your data is protected, maintained, and operated within your cloud environment. This is a dedicated, secured, and encrypted connection that is hosted within a data center that meets the highest standards of security. You don’t have to worry about hackers and malware stealing your data or your company’s sensitive information.

Failover Cluster Manager
Protect Your Cloud Infrastructure From the Inside
A core value of a Protected Data Center is security. We achieve that by network isolation of each client and each client’s client. Every single individual at Protected Harbor gets a Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure. That means you and your clients don’t share an Environment, Network, or Database with anyone else.
Customized Protected Cloud
From strategy to optimization and storage to management, your customized and personal network is protected with us in our secure, compliant data centers. We can help manage an existing cloud infrastructure or build a new environment from scratch.
Protected Cloud
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Cloud Infrastructure Without The Hassles

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For Every Workload, A Full Cloud Infrastructure Platform

We create a cloud architecture that can be scaled to easily expand as your business grows without compromising the performance of your applications. This can be done by using a cloud architecture that is highly available and flexible.

SIEM Reimagined
Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprises

You can now confidently host your most sensitive data and critical applications in the cloud. For the first time, you can now run any application on the scale and flexibility of the cloud — securely, at a low cost, and with high uptime. We understand the need for cloud solutions that protect investments while also allowing enterprises to take advantage of hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyperscaler models. Protected Harbor adds value beyond cloud-only needs by recognizing the challenges and complexities of today’s and hybrid IT settings.

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