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Improving Security, Efficiency, and Reliability for Hyper-Scale and Enterprise Customers


The Key to Moving Your Business Forward

As you grow, the amount of data and power your company needs can get overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean you should struggle to maintain the high demand. At Protected Harbor, we manage ALL your power needs, without you having to hire new employees. Now, instead of worrying about technology, you can focus your attention on what really matters: business innovation.

High Availibility & 99.99% Uptime

Full Network Security & Protection

Tier 3 Data Center & Level 3 NOC

Disaster Recovery & Isolated Backups

Data Center

How it Works

We study your application and infrastructure to determine how to best optimize your environment from the bottom-up. Then, using our technological know-how and experience, we’ll work our magic to accomplish 99.99% uptime of your systems. Our Application Outage Avoidance process highlights issues before they become fatal. Meaning no bugs or delays, ever.

Defining a “Protected” Data Center

Imagine you have a fat stack of cash (your technology infrastructure investments) and you’re responsible for protecting it. Would you leave it out in the open where any thief could get it, or would you keep it under lock and key? Protected Data Center security is the combination of policies, processes, procedures, and technologies that protect your precious data from threats.

Data Center Mangement
Means your team stays productive.
Retention Rate
Our client’s stay with us for years.
Net Promoter Score
And they tell their friends about us, too. 
Data Hosting

Data Hosting is Just the Start

Protected Data Center Services provide more than just extra tech help. We are a fully managed data infrastucture services partner that helps: 

Moving to a data center is moving to a private cloud, which saves you time and money. By getting rid of unnecessary processes, redundant effort, & “dead” code, there will be huge cost savings. Every little bit counts, so having our dedicated team keep tabs on every aspect of your system is a huge collective effort that could save your company millions.

Our Data Center Infrastructure Management tools (DCIM) track all system consumption and expenditures, with the goal of reducing waste. We use advanced analytics to predict and prevent bottlenecks and downtime. Not only do we increase IT efficiency—we also accelerate innovation by providing fast resource access to developers and testers.

Our team of engineers, developers, and coders have decades of combined experience. Technology positions can be expensive and hard to staff, but now, you can simply allow us to handle all things tech for you. We focus on growing your tech, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Working with us gives you full visibility and control over your infrastructure, data, and applications. All of your data is saved and managed on servers to which NO other company has access. We have a powerful, unique modular configuration design with privacy and security built into every layer of our stack, ensuring you the best protection against cyberattacks/threats.

We know trusting someone with your technology is a big deal. This is why we offer top-notch Level 3 NOC support with a round-the-clock global help desk. We want your business to succeed, and in this day and age, we believe there are NO excuses for prolonged tech failures. Protected Harbor takes full accountability for your environment’s stability and uptime.

Having the right data infrastructure in place puts your company at a huge advantage. We have the ideal combination of tools, people, and processes required for you to succeed in the new era, and with our modern data center, new applications can be developed and deployed in the blink of an eye. Meaning constant innovation, growth, and success for you.

Our Latest Case Studies
Many of the world’s top brands have chosen Protected Harbor to help them design and deliver innovative products.

Technical Support From Actual Engineers

Gain access to elite IT services that small-and-medium-sized businesses need to make the most of their tech and maximize their growth.
Compliance & Security
Eliminate threats & simplify regulated environments with key controls such as HIPAA, GDPR, CIS, & NIST.
High Availibility
We understand the importance of application, availability, durability & uptime.
Level 3 NOC Support
24/7 monitoring and support lets us intercede & prevent a failure before it happens.
Infrastructure Design
Our design implementation supports your company’s infrastructure & end-user workflow
Cloud Migration
Take the headaches out of cloud migrations and deployments with reliable cloud solutions
Business Continuality
Workload distribution, server replication, & failover clustering protects your data & productivity.
Application Outage Avoidance
Our proprietary algorithms let us intercede & stop a failure before it happens.
Isolated Backups
Your data is always intact in a clean-shutdown state with enterprise-grade, network-isolated backups.
Disaster Recovery
If disaster strikes, a built-in Hyper-V Replica provides data recovery.

Why Join The Protected Data Center?

At Protected Harbor, we’re all about making smart business decisions and offering valuable solutions. As a Tier 3 Provider, we have a 95% client retention rate and 0 cybersecurity incidents. When you work with us, expect little or no downtime, no metered connections, the best cybersecurity as well as ransomware protection, and consistently high-performing systems. Not to mention a super-improved bottom line.

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