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Proactive Monitoring is essential for issue management, tracking early detection of possible errors within your apps and infrastructure. This allows you to respond swiftly and reduce downtime. However, it is difficult to know what to look for and how to recognize new problems. Protected Harbor’s machine learning-powered alerts let you fill in the gaps of your monitoring so you can spot issues early.

Availability & Uptime
24 x 7 Proactive Monitoring & Support
Our proactive monitoring services allow your IT staff to handle possible network and system vulnerabilities before they become a problem, without sacrificing your employees’ productivity. Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) allows us to proactively monitor your system and identify potential areas of danger 24/7/365.
Unlocking Efficiency with Proactive Monitoring
All data centers provide basic monitoring. Our difference is we combine basic monitoring, application monitoring, and server performance benchmarks with actionable repair macros and scripts. All of that combined, we call AOA (Application Outage Avoidance). It is vastly beyond monitoring, it combines our knowledge of the customer’s activity and applications against industry standards and triggered events to allow us to intercede and prevent a failure before it occurs.
Hosted VoIP
Malicious Connections Blocked Everyday
Petabytes of Data Storage Managed
24/7/365 Live Help Desk
The Ability to Recognize, Understand, and Correct System or Network Vulnerabilities

Designed to handle the increasing complexity of enterprise applications and enable the innovation required to find new solutions to business challenges. It’s the evolution of cloud computing, the result of years of research and the development of new technologies.

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Preventing Interruptions to Performance
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The Art of Proactive Monitoring: Achieving Peak System Performance

We use SNMP, which is really useful for getting a quick overview of network device performance. The volume and errors of each port’s traffic are monitored. Switch hardware state is also constantly monitored by system health, temperature, and power sensors. Each individual switch port can be viewed by drilling down. In our Orangeburg office, this is the primary WAN uplink.

To Remediate, Consolidate

Our team of experts monitor your critical systems around the clock and respond to any service issues quickly to avoid operational downtime. With our reliable and secure managed infrastructure services, you can focus on your business goals instead of worrying about your technology. With proactive monitoring of hits, error rates, latency, or metrics from turnkey integrations, you can detect application and infrastructure issues. With Metric Correlations, you can evaluate curated issue summaries, detailed performance information, and automatically search for abnormalities in linked metrics.

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